Now that I’ve shared with you how to increase engagement on your Instagram posts, the fastest-growing social network around, it’s time for you to get more involved with the biggest social network in the world, Facebook.

Be natural

Don’t be afraid to let your personality seep into your Facebook posts. People get bombarded every day with a constant stream of advertisements and sales pitches. They want to know who the man or woman behind the brand is. Have fun with it,

Be relevant

Your posts should be motivating people to take action right away and click on your link the moment they read it. Once they scroll past it, they won’t see it again. (unless you pay to promote it)

Be visual

As with any social network, images are the most engaging by far. Images sit right on the scale in between a video that is too long for our short attention spans, and a plain text post that isn’t eye catching enough. Just make sure your image is relevant to the topic of your post.

Be succinct

Be concise. Posts with 80 words or less get the most engagement. Learn to get your message across in as few words as possible.

Be emotional

Emotions drive everything we do. Create your Facebook posts with the goal of stirring up emotions in your audience. It will encourage readers to share, and create a platform for discussion.

Ask fans

Everyone loves to share their opinion, so ask your fans for theirs. Don’t get too philosophical though, ask questions that only take a few seconds of your readers time to answer. Make sure to leave the question at the end of the post.

Post quotes (or not)

Personally, I cannot stand inspirational quotes. I don’t believe they add any value, and are a cheap ploy to get quick social shares. That may just be because I’ve never been one to be enthralled with celebrity or fame, and therefore don’t care what someone famous MAY have said decades ago. I emphasize “may” because anyone can slap together a quote, put it on a sunset backdrop and claim it was said by anyone. I seem to be in the minority, however, as inspirational quotes seem to do very well on social media in terms of engagement.

Play right

Facebook doesn’t like it when you ask for likes or shares, and have a fancy algorithm that will probably punish your post if you try it.

Use full links

Url shorteners like Bitly are very popular, but are much more effective on Twitter. Facebook users want to make sure they’re not clicking on spam, and when you use a full link to your post, they can confirm that it is indeed leading them where you say it is.

Be yourself

Looks like we’ve come full circle. Once again, be yourself. Add personality, have fun, meet some people, learn some new things. People will be naturally drawn to you over time.

Yes, Facebook is annoying, and their ad platform is quite possibly a scam, but with over 1 billion users, it needs to be a part of your marketing strategy. Here’s an infographic to help you get more engagement on your Facebook posts:

how to get more engagement on your facebook posts infographic rapidweblaunch blog

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