Everyone who uses Twitter wants more followers, including you, whether you want to admit it or not. You’ve likely read several different strategies already on how to gain more Twitter followers, or even methods on how to”game” or “trick” the system by buying fake Twitter followers.

This infographic will layout some useful strategies on how to effectively double your Twitter followers in just 5 minutes a day. These will be real Twitter followers. Followers that will actually read your tweets, click on your links, retweet and favorite your tweets, and overall increasing your Twitter engagement.

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Perfect your profile

Most users are going to check your profile before they follow you, so make sure it looks attractive. Use a properly formatted, high quality profile picture. You Twitter bio is also searchable, so use those 160 characters to explain who you are and give people a reason to follow you.

Tweet more

Twitter is the only social network where it is almost impossible to post too much. Studies have shown that people who tweet more generally have more followers. You don’t have the time to spend all day on Twitter, so use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule tweets throughout the week. Hashtags are crucial to getting your tweets in front of more eyes, so use them often, just don’t overdo it. Set a two hashtag maximum for each tweet.

Use your connections

You already have a list of email contacts, so use Twitter’s “find people you know” feature to see which ones are on Twitter already. If you have Linkedin, you can do the same with those contacts.

Get involved

Join in on weekly Twitter chats, or create your own. Many of the brands, websites, and blogs you already love have Twitter chats. Get involved in the conversation, meet new people, become an industry expert, learn about your target audience, and have an outlet to promote your products.

Find new followers

Use tools like Crowdfire to find people with similar interests as your own, or who are involved in the same industry as you. Follow industry influencers and leaders, and engage with their tweets with favorites, retweets, and @ replies. (some Twitter lingo there for you) You can also follow people your followers follow, to get a better sense of what they’re interested in.

Keep followers engaged

Don’t spend all your time on Twitter making the sales pitch, people will not respond positively. Instead engage with your followers, retweet their tweets, and tweet things that they will likely find interesting. You can use Google Alerts to keep on top of trending topics in your industry, and be one of the first to tweet it out to your followers, establishing yourself as a leader, not a FOLLOWER. (get it, heh)

Promote your Twitter

Put your links to your Twitter profile wherever appropriate. Put your Twitter handle on your business cards, and any marketing material you use. Even slap it on your store window, if you’ve got one.

Read the infographic below to find a few more tips on how you can double your Twitter followers in just 5 minutes a day.

infographic: how to double your twitter followers in 5 minutes a day rapidweblaunch blog

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