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“I’ll do it later.” “It can wait.” “I still have two seasons left of my favorite show on Netflix.” Our old friend/enemy procrastination has been around since the beginning of time. (at least I think it has… I’m too lazy to look it up)

Why do we procrastinate? We all have ideas, goals, passions, and yet very few of us will actually pursue them. How many great ideas were left unfulfilled or delayed because we let the negative and pessimistic side of our brain do the reasoning?

Just remember this: If you don’t do it, someone else will.

So listen to Netflix’s not so subtle hint next time it asks you “Are you still watching?”. Get to work on that task list, pursue your dream, always have some kind of goal to strive for.

To get you started, here’s 15 ways to beat procrastination and be more productive:

1. Know yourself

No, I’m not asking you to run through the 6ix with your woes. Just think about the negative effects procrastination has on your life, and the habits that lead to it.

2. Practice effective time management

Your most valuable resource is your time. Ensure you are making the most of your time by creating estimates of the time required for tasks, then comparing your estimates with your actuals afterwords.

3. Change your perspective

Think about what initially attracted you to the assignment or task in the first place. Dwell on that, meditate on it, and procrastination will no longer be an issue.

4. Commit to assignments

Everybody loves a good list. Make a list of all your tasks and assignments and cross them off as you complete each one. You will get an instant sense of accomplishment.

5. Work in productive environments

Choose where, when, and whom you work with very carefully. Surround yourself with positive individuals and a healthy, focused work environment.

6. Be realistic

Nothing is more disappointing then failing to live up to your own goals and expectations. Make sure you set realistic goals for yourself, that get slightly more challenging as you go. Remember, baby steps.

7. Self-talk positively

We all do it. Talking to yourself is normal, and even healthy. Positive (as well as negative) energy can be very powerful, so avoid thinking and speaking negatively.

8. Un-schedule

Schedules are important. But there is such a thing as over-scheduling. If you book up your life entirely, you’ll leave little room for other activities you enjoy.  Keep your schedule as flexible as possible by only scheduling the most important task.

9. Swiss-cheese tasks

In other words, turn one large task into many small ones. By accomplishing one smaller task at a time, you will feel a sense of progression that will motivate you to keep on moving forward to completing that big one.

10. Don’t indulge fantasies

Fantasies are pointless, and self-destructive. Want something really badly? Devise a real plan of attack to achieve it, and keep your head out of the clouds.

11. Plan for obstacles

There will undoubtedly be many obstacles and roadblocks in your path. Plan ahead, so you know exactly how to overcome them when they appear.

12. Improve learning behavior

In short, focus less on the now, and more on the future. It will improve your thinking habits.

13. Help yourself

If you rely too much on others to help you overcome your bad procrastination habits, you will lose self-efficiency and independence. Ask your roommates or your family to not indulge your procrastinating.

14. Reward progress

Reward yourself for accomplishments, and punish yourself for small failures. I’m not talking about dwelling on negative thoughts and beating yourself up about it, but create some kind of system where you will simply be more motivated to follow through on your tasks to receive the reward, rather than the consequence of not completing it.

15. Learn to forgive yourself

That said, never be too hard on yourself. Procrastination is rooted in psychology. It can be very difficult to overcome. Keep this list handy, and when you feel the urge to procrastinate, remind yourself of the many methods to overcome it.

15 ways to overcome procrastination and be more productive infographic rapidweblaunch

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Beating procrastination is hard. Here's 15 ways you can beat procrastination and be more productive.
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