People like to be considered smart, they like to sound smart, and they like to feel like they belong.

It is for any one of these reasons that people use workplace catchphrases, expressions, or sayings, and it needs to stop. None of these sayings add any value to the conversation. In this day and age, it can actually do the opposite and detract from whatever message you’re trying to convey.

Do you work in an office environment? If so, there’s a really good chance you’ve heard most of these nauseatingly cliche workplace euphemisms. There’s an even better chance that you use some of these yourself.

1. At the end of the day

You know what makes me wish it was the end of the day? Every time you say this.

2. Back to the drawing board

Using this phrase makes it clear to everyone around you that you likely use crayon drawings to communicate.

3. Hit the ground running

You best start running away from me the next time you say this.

hank hill laughing gif

4. Get the ball rolling

Have you played any ball-centric sport or game before? Nobody talks about rolling balls, they just roll them.

5. Low-hanging fruit

Protect your low-hanging fruit if you use this phrase in any context other than describing your weekend of apple-picking.

6. Throw under the bus

Hey look…. a bus…. coming this way.

7. Think outside the box

Are you talking about your cat and/or childs love for cardboard boxes? No? Then just don’t.

8. Let’s touch base

Not even going to touch this one.

9. Get my manager’s blessing

Unless you’re describing that time you sneezed and your manager was right there to help you out, leave this out of your vocabulary.

10. It’s on my radar

Oh, you’re a Cyborg! That’s awesome. What’s it like in the future?

11. Ping me

What does that even mean?

kristen schall eye roll gif

12. I don’t have the bandwidth

Of course you don’t. You are not an electronic, internet-connected device. Very astute of you.

13. No brainer

Too easy.

14. Par for the course

Two words: Happy. Gilmore.

15. Bang for your buck

Leave my bucks out of this.

16. Synergy

This is what you look like:

synergy gif

17. Move the goal post

Unless you once played sports professionally, you have no right to say this. In fact, come to think of it, that’s not even how sports work. Goals post tend to stay put.

18. Apples to apples

Are we playing the mildly entertaining board game? No? See yourself out.

19. Win-win

You know what’s a true win-win? You turning around and leaving the way you came in.

20. Circle back around

Imma circle your face with this permanent marker.

21. All hands on deck

Nobody will be giving you any hands to put on any deck.

22. Take this offline

I actually can’t think of any scenario where you would need to use this. Maybe if you’re starring in a political sci-fi thriller?

david tennant doctor who bye gif

23. Drill-down

Please don’t talk about drills.

24. Elephant in the room

There’s an elephant in the room?? Where?? I love elephants! Oh, I see. You were using the expression. That’s doubly disappointing.

25. On my plate

Go find a plate full of food to stuff your mouth with so we don’t need to hear you anymore.

Snarky? Yes. Too snarky? Probably. But you know the old saying: snark sells. (or something)

Have you heard any other euphemisms, expressions, or sayings in your office that grind your gears? Let us know in the comments!


Stop using these annoying phrases at work. Your coworkers will love you for it, trust me.
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