Life is short. Spend time with people who build you up, not tear you down. People who energize you, not drain you. People you trust, and don’t have to worry about their motives. Here are 8 toxic types of people you should avoid at all costs:

1. Judgmental Judy

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Judgmental people don’t care what you have to say. They (likely wrongly) summed you up the moment you walked in the door. A judgmental person will look for opportunities to criticize you at every turn, believing themselves to be right all the time. Don’t bother asking them for an opinion, they’ll be happy to give it to you anyway.

2. Envious Edward

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An envious person will never just be happy for you. They will always believe that whatever you earned or received should have been theirs instead. As an entrepreneur, this can be especially toxic, as you will experience a long and windy road filled with ups and downs, and you need to surround yourself with people who will rejoice in those “ups” with you.

3. Controlling Catherine

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Part of being an entrepreneur (and really, this applies to everyone, not just entrepreneurs) is finding and building a great team. You know who the worst team players are? Control freaks. Control freaks believe they are always right, and always know the best way to do things. It can be exhausting and frustrating to have to be around these types, so don’t bother.

4. Arrogant Adam

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There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. Jonathan Long puts it better than I ever could: “Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance — confident people inspire, while arrogant people intimidate and annoy.” Be confident, don’t be arrogant. And stay away from people who choose to be arrogant.

5. Victimized Vicky

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This is the type of person that always plays the victim. Everything bad that happens to them is never a result of their own failures or mistakes, but rather the universe conspiring against them. The “victim” never takes responsibility for their actions, and blames everything but themselves for their shortcomings. These people are nauseating to be around.

6. Negative Nancy

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Do you enjoy having positive energy? Then stay away from negative people, as they will drain you of it real quick. Negative people will always look for opportunities to tear down your ideas and dreams rather than help you attain them. Because they are unwilling to create and pursue their own goals, they would much rather drag you back down to their miserable state of mind.

7. Lying Leonard

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The most important quality of ANY relationship is trust. Without that, you have no solid foundation to build a relationship on. Simply put, you can’t trust liars because you never know if they are telling the truth. So called “white lies” are included in this. A lie is a lie, even if the individual believes it is in your best interest to not know the truth (which it never is). If someone has shown to you that they are willing to lie about small things, how can you trust them when it comes down to the really big issues? Surround yourself with honest people, people you can trust 100%.

8. Gossiping Greg

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Gossip is a cancer. Don’t be around people who gossip. It shows that they are incredibly immature, insecure, and need to poke holes in other peoples well-being to feel better about themselves.

I’m willing to bet that after reading this, you are able to immediately identify at least a few people that you could definitely spend less time with. It’s in your best interest, and even theirs. If they start to notice that the people around them are removing them from their lives bit by bit, it can be a good catalyst for change in their personality traits.


These types of people will bring you down. Avoid them!
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  1. Anonymous

    September 7, 2015 at 1:25 am

    You guys might want to edit better, the word “there’s” was used TWICE when it should have been “theirs”. Makes the article sound less credible.


    • Patrick

      September 7, 2015 at 8:46 am

      Thanks for the heads up! I’ve made the necessary changes.


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