Not every business has a website. One of the biggest factors holding owners back from making the leap to ecommerce isn’t a lack of options, it’s having too many.

There are plenty of online store builders to consider if you aren’t familiar or have no interest in developing a site from scratch.

If you’re one of the 24% of business owners contemplating opening an online store, the number of options available can be intimidating. Ecommerce software companies spend a small fortune marketing themselves, but finding out which platform is best for your business isn’t something you should take lightly.

Patrick covered things you should avoid on an ecommerce site in an earlier post, but now it’s time to examine what features make sure your store’s site outshine the competition. Today’s shoppers want a site that loads in seconds, is easy to navigate, and encourages confidence by having the right security certificates in place.

You also need to optimize your store for search and take a look at your payment gateway options, inventory management, whether or not you can dropship, and if the platform is compatible with fulfillment by Amazon.

Sound like a lot to cover? Well, it is.

I wanted to simplify the process for you. At Selfstartr, we put together this beautiful infographic to help you see how quickly different ecommerce store solutions load and whether or not they’re mobile friendly.

These two factors can make or break your ecommerce sales, as you’ll notice below.

shopify competitors

Source: Selfstartr

Finding the right ecommerce solutions for your small business is hard. This handy infographic will make things much simpler for you.
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