13 Shining Examples of Professional Cleaning Websites

13 Shining Examples of Professional Cleaning Websites

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It is surprisingly difficult to find great examples of cleaning business websites. A lot of them are super outdated. Some are just downright ugly.

This is even more surprising when you consider how much easier it is to build beautiful cleaning services websites on your own these days. Learning web design has never been easier. There are tons of DIY website builders that simplify the entire web design process.

And there has never been a greater amount of high-quality web designers to choose from. (Of course, that does make it harder to actually choose one that’s right for you and your needs, but that’s a story for another time.)

I scoured the worldwide web to find examples of cleaning websites done right.

I’ve done my best to present a wide range of budgets as well, because it’s too easy to point to the AirBnb of cleaning companies and say…

This is what your cleaning website should look like!

Yah, no kidding dude. You got $50,000 I can borrow?

Regardless of your budget, you can build a beautiful, high-converting website that will grow your cleaning business.

Below are some real-world examples of what can be done. Here are

13 Examples of Great Cleaning Services Websites


Orkopiña Cleaning Services

orkopina cleaning services 1

Visit the website


The Cleaning Company

the cleaning company 1

Visit the website


Clean My Space

clean my space 1

Visit the website


SSD Pools

ssd pools 1

Visit the website


The Colorado Cleaners

the colorado cleaners 1

Visit the website



simplyclean 1

Visit the website


Merry Maids

merry maids 1

Visit the website



cleanzen 1

Visit the website


Sweep Home

sweep home chicago 1

Visit the website


Anytime Cleaning

anytime cleaning 1

Visit the website


Molly Maid

molly maid 1

Visit the website


Charming Casa

charming casa 1

Visit the website



kirei 1

Visit the website



Building a cleaning business website shouldn’t break your bank account. In fact, with a hint of curiosity and a pinch of stubbornness, you can even try building the website yourself.

Hopefully these 13 cleaning website examples gave you the inspiration you need to give it a try!

affordable cleaning business web design 1

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