How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

who doesnt follow me back instagram

You watch your Instagram follower count like a hawk. Don’t lie, we all do it.

And when that number shrinks, something happens inside of us.

who unfollowed me on ig

How does such an innocent, simple, and ultimately meaningless number have such a strong effect on our lives? Why do we care so much?

Is it simply human nature? A meteoric rise of vanity in the selfie age? Pride?

Who knows. What we do know is that it bothers most of us when we see that number drop. After the initial “WHY HOW DARE THEY I’M #FUNNY AND TAKE GREAT PHOTOS”, our next question is…

WHO. Who would do this to me?

Instagram currently doesn’t tell you who unfollowed you. Probably because they recognize it will only feed your self-righteous insta-rage.

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And scrolling through your followers trying to pinpoint the deserter like a paranoid egomaniac is certainly less than ideal.

Fortunately, there are countless companies who have developed apps for us to find out who’s unfollowing us on IG.

And, like the good Samaritan you’ve come to know and love, I’ll tell you where you can find them, which apps are free or not, and even which one I use. (oh yes, I’m not above that)

Because, in all seriousness, if you use social media for more than just keeping in touch with friends, it’s important to keep a close eye on your loyal following.

So, let’s see what apps will help you answer the #1 first-world problem of our time…

Who unfollowed me?

5 best tools to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram

Friend or Follow (Online only, no mobile apps)

who unfollowed me on ig - friend or follow

Friend or Follow offers monthly plans starting at $9.99 for personal accounts, all the way up to $100’s for business accounts. It’s a quick and reliable program for social media pros who want to take their Instagram use to the next level. In addition to Instagram, they also provide support for Twitter and even Tumblr, which I have yet to seen in other apps of this nature.

Statusbrew (Online / iOS / Android)

who unfollowed me on ig - statusbrew

Previously known as Unfollowers, Statusbrew also lets you know when an Instagram profile is spam, so that you don’t waste time giving follow backs to fake accounts. Not only can you keep track of your Instagram, but this app also helps you to make sure that your Twitter follows are being accounted for.

Unfollowgram (Online only, no mobile apps)

who doesnt follow me back on instagram

Unfollowgram has the advantage of being free but, as a result, there are no mobile apps and features seem to fairly limited. Still a good option if you’re just concerned about who unfollowed you on Instagram or Twitter.

Crowdfire (Online / iOS / Android)

who doesnt follow me back on instagram - crowdfire

Formally known as Justunfollow, this is one of the most popular choices to find out who unfollowed you on ig, and the one I use for my business. Crowdfire is beautifully designed, easy-to-use, and available in a variety of formats. You can add multiple Instagram and Twitter accounts as well.

Followers+ (iOS / Android)

who unfollowed me on ig - followers+

This is also one of the more popular apps in this category, and you can immediately see why. It’s a beautifully designed app with some great features. No online version though…

Some more options

Like to stand out from the crowd? I hear ya. Here are four more (less popular) options. Bear in mind that I have not been able to try all of these personally, so I have no idea how useful they are.

Also, always be weary of “free” apps of these type. They often are free because they secretly sell your data to the highest bidder. Everyone’s gotta make money some how…

Followers on Instagram (iOS only)

who doesnt follow me back on instagram

Followers for Instagram (iOS only)

who unfollowed me on instagram

InstaFollow (iOS / Android)

who doesnt follow me back on instagram

UnfollowSpy (Online only)

who doesnt follow me back instagram - unfollowspy

Never buy Instagram followers

Some of the lesser known apps will offer you the chance to buy followers on Instagram. Or get “free” ones through some slimy gimmick.

Never, NEVER do this.

Not only will people be able to see right through your cheap exploit, there is no benefit to buying social media followers. Engagement is the crucial metric to determine your social media success.

After all, what’s the point of having 20,000 “followers” who don’t actually engage with your posts?

These apps I suggested are different. They are simply a useful way to keep track of and grow your Instagram audience.

As I mentioned, Crowdfire is my personal favorite, and well worth the $10/month.

Now go find those MONSTERS who dared to unfollow you.

Liked this? I've got more where that came from: 🤓

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  1. Hello Patrick,

    Thanks for letting me know the trick. UnfollowGram looks fine for me. I have noticed a slight drop in followers count so wanted to know who has unfollowed my profile. Thanks again for the help.

    ~ Donna

  2. Better get new followers instead of this crap. If you do not know how, then ask for help. They also have some services that will allow you to find followers among the real Instagram users of your city. Doesn’t it sound excellent?

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