How to Travel Across North America For Free

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“Im too broke to travel.”
“Everyone is going away and I am stuck here.”
“I need a getaway but I can’t afford one.”

BOO HOO. Just joking… I can totally relate.

I have been very broke about 90% of my life. The other 10% were very brief moments of relief and bliss and usually I spent the money fairly quickly on debt, bills, or very frivolous things (like bags of candy at Bulk Barn and a subscription to Tennis TV… this is a no judgement zone.)

However, this poor gals’ lot in life didn’t hold me back from taking a trip. It just forced me to think outside of the box for ways to make it affordable. That’s when I looked into vehicle relocation.

I had heard through the grapevine that there were companies who hired people to deliver cars to different locations. I had no idea what that meant, so I looked into it further.

It turns out, it is totally legit!

free travel us canada

There are many companies that do this, including the Toronto-based one I used, called Hit The Road.

There are a few requirements. Obviously, you must have a valid driver’s license and a pretty clean driving record. You also must be over the age of 25 for most of these companies. It also requires a bit of organization and reliability, and doesn’t come without some work on your end.

“Ew, work… forget it.”

If that’s what you’re thinking HOLD UP A SEC.

No, it’s not the most care-free, wild and crazy trips you’ll ever go on. But remember, we are poor folk who don’t wanna dish out our precious bill money to enjoy ourselves… therefore, there’s a little work. But, from first hand experience I can tell you it is worth it.

Firstly, you need to look for trips leaving or returning to locations you are interested in. There are long trips and shorter trips. I decided to try this out with a short trip from Fort Myers, Florida to Toronto, ON.

Secondly, there’s an application process. I will admit, the emails and phone calls with the company before hand got a bit frustrating. The manager, David from Hit the Road, seems a little disorganized and hard to nail down.

However, he was great during the trip to contact and handled all the important paper-work for the client and for crossing the border – which made our trip easy breezy.

How exactly is it free travel again?

free travel us canada

Ok, here’s the free part.

The company will pay YOU to drive someone else’s car. In my case, I had to cover the expenses up front, and then I received a set and previously agreed upon amount once I delivered the car in one piece. It is usually a very generous amount considering the distance you choose.

Up front I had to pay for:

  • One way flight to florida
  • Food/snacks
  • Accommodations for 3 nights
  • Any extra fun/entertainment

For a gal that would have to rent a car… this trip would be expensive to do on my own.

The moment the car rolled into the clients drive way at the end of the trip, they handed me an envelope with straight up cash in it. I made sure my trip didn’t go over that amount – therefore my trip was free!

And, I stayed at nice places (one night with a friend in Florida), ate good food (had a fancy seafood dinner), and did a few fun things (swam with manatees in Florida).

The paper work was simple, and I got to see and do things I would never have been able to see and do.

Oh, and bonus: you can bring a friend or two! My good pal Lauren joined me as a second driver and in-car entertainment. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but it was a total blast.

So, next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself and feeling trapped in your cubicle or dingy basement apartment… don’t tell me there are no options! Get out of there for a few days… take a risk. It’s worth it.

free travel us canada

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