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My Rocket Fuel: My Favorite Books

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(This page is still a work in progress)

Finding the right business tools to launch your own business is important, but so is feeding your brain.

I’ll admit. Reading books was never my thing. Because I read all day, every day for my line of work (as well as my personal studies), cozying up on the couch with a nice book was not my idea of relaxation.

So, I decided to look at it from a different perspective.

We reap what we sow and, if you’re sowing a whole lotta’ Netflix, you’re going to be reaping a polluted brain and wasted time. When I choose to read, I do it with an objective in mind. Every time I finish reading a book, I need to have learned at least one new thing from it. I’m looking for things that I can apply to my business, or use to improve my day-today life.

This is my growing list of books that have done that for me. I’ll regularly be updating it as I discover new books. I won’t be adding every book I’ve read, because not all of them will be worthwhile.

I hope you find these books to be as inspirational for you as well.

Business books

These books have helped me build and grow my online business. Entrepreneurial biographies, tools, strategies, and more can be found in this library.

Rework – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

If you can get past the cliches and dramatics, there’s a lot of value to be found in Rework.

Jason & David are the founders of 37Signals, and share how they grew a tiny startup into a… decent-sized business. This isn’t the story of another Facebook or Netflix, and that’s exactly how these guys wanted it.


4 Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss

This book is one of the most popular business books ever written, and for good reason. You could argue that Tim Ferriss sparked an entire lifestyle movement with The 4 Hour Work Week.

And the best part is, it’s not just a bunch of motivational fluff. Ferriss packed this book full of actionable information and strategies to help you quit the 9 to 5, create passive income and spend your life traveling the world.


Trust Me, I’m Lying – Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is a jerk. And he would gladly admit that to your face. He has spent his entire career in PR manipulating blogs to his, and his clients’, gain. The scary thing is, he shows us all just how easy it is to do.

Trust Me, I’m Lying was written long before Donald Trump made the term “fake news” a thing. And that’s because fake news has been around since the dawn of the blogging age. If you know nothing of the online publishing world, this is a must-read.


Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell once said that all he wants to do is explain things to people. Thankfully for us, he is very good at it.

In Outliers, Gladwell wants us to rethink what it takes to be successful. Sure, it takes incredible talent and ambition to be the best of the best, but stories of success are often much more complex than that. (and far more interesting)

I learned a lot of interesting things from this book, and I’m confident you will too.

Creativity books

These are books that have given me creative inspiration, something I have always struggled with. (even though I am, indeed, left-handed)

Originals – Adam Grant

Adam Grant has quickly become one of my favorite authors. He has the incredible ability to take complex ideas and translate them into simple language.

Originals will give you a new perspective on what originality really means, and how you can champion your original ideas to others.


Give and Take – Adam Grant

Did I mention that Adam Grant is one of my favorite authors?

It’s interesting to me that the simple idea of putting others’ needs before your own is considered such a radical concept. (especially considering the fact there is a very old book that has been telling us this for centuries) Give and Take shows how elevating the people around you will not only help them, but directly benefit you as well.


Steal Like an Artist – Austin Kleon

This book is short. Like, really short.

But you know what? It really packs a punch. Why bother dragging things out when you can make your point so concisely? Steal Like an Artist makes a compelling argument that there actually is no such thing as originality, and that it’s perfectly fine. Kleon does a great job of using custom graphics and illustrations to tell his stories.

Miscellaneous books

These are books that don’t belong in any particular category, I just enjoyed them for various reasons. They’ll probably consist of sports-related books, mainly.

One Night Only – Ken Reid

From the beer league to the minor league, hockey players from coast to coast often say they’d give anything to play just one game in the NHL.

One Night Only brings you the stories of 39 men who lived the dream ― only to see it fade away almost as quickly as it arrived. Ken Reid talks to players who had one game, and one game only, in the National Hockey League ― including the most famous single-gamer of them all: the coach himself, Don Cherry.


The Starch Solution – John McDougall, MD

I am not going to give you health advice. Achieving optimal health and nutrition can be complicated and confusing. There are just too many variables, and we still know very little about the human body.

That said, this book was eye opening for me. I’ve been dealing with some health issues for the last few years, and my condition deteriorated to the point where I needed to make some significant lifestyle changes. In the process of researching and attempting to self-diagnose my problems, I came across The Starch Solution. While I certainly don’t agree with everything McDougall talks about in this book, he does a great job of using proven science to validate his theories.

A solid read if you’re looking to live a healthier life!

This is my complete list of every business book that has helped me build and grow my online business. Entrepreneur stories, productivity hacks, and creative inspiration abound!
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