Top 3 Places to Find Amazing Weebly Themes

Top 3 Places to Find Amazing Weebly Themes

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*Editors note: Originally a Top 4 post, Divtag Templates is now out of business. Hence the change to Top 3. (obviously)* Updated June 27, 2018

I’ve talked before about how much I love Weebly. Weebly has a super easy-to-use content management system, interface, and e-commerce platform.

One downside of Weebly, however, is their lack of options when it comes to modern, beautiful, professional looking website themes and templates. Fortunately, the CMS for Weebly also makes it quite simple to do some custom design work, such as adding beautiful custom Weebly themes.

I’ve spent a great deal of time searching for high quality Weebly templates (many of which I’ve used in my web design company), and these are the best options I’ve found. (ranked in no particular order)

WebFire Weebly Themes

Awesome Weebly Themes and Weebly Templates Webfire Themes 1

Webfire Themes is a fantastic option for professional Weebly templates. With a growing list of 11 templates to choose from, you can tell Webfire put a great amount of detail and love into their designs. Some major advantages to choosing these guys include:

Widgets included with themes

Whereas most companies will charge you extra for custom plugins and widgets, Webfire includes these with a purchase of any one of their themes.


Something completely unique to Webfire is a feature they call WIDG. It is a widget generator that allows you to easily create and install widgets that would normally be quite complicated to design, such as progress bars, service boxes, tabs, pricing tables and testimonials.

Simply tell WIDG what icons, colors, and text you would like to include and hit the “Generate Widget” button. WIDG will then produce the widget, and supply you with the code to copy and paste into your Weebly website.

I’ve had a chance to play around with it, and it is dead simple to use. An awesome feature that I will certainly be using more of in the future. You can read my full review of Webfire Themes to learn more about the WIDG feature.

Regular theme updates

The internet is constantly evolving, meaning your modern, trendy website design can be obsolete in a mere year or two. Webfire regularly updates your themes that you’ve purchased and patches any potential bugs that pop up.

Click here to visit Webfire Themes

Luminous Weebly Themes

luminous weebly themes

Luminous Themes is a relatively new player in the Weebly theme business, but they definitely deserve to be in this list.

I regularly receive comments on this post from Weebly users, and noticed a couple had commented about the quality of Luminous Themes. They recommended that I include them in this post. As I hadn’t used them before, I was hesitant to do so. I never recommend products or services that I haven’t personally used and loved.

So, I gave them a try. And I’m glad I did.

Luminous Themes has all of the crucial characteristics of a good theme provider. Beautiful and responsive designs, free theme updates, easy customization, helpful tutorials, fast customer support, and more.

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One of my favorite features of their designs is how clearly they label the HTML and CSS coding. This makes it easier than ever to tinker around with your own custom coding to really give your website a unique look and feel.

The only minor downside I’ve seen is the lack of options. Luminous currently only has 4 themes to choose from, but they promise they are working on more. To be honest, I tend to narrow down my favorites to 3 or 4 with all of the theme providers I use anyway, so I don’t see this as major issue.

I get the feeling these guys will be around for quite some time.

Click here to visit Luminous Themes

Baamboo Studio

Baamboo Studio Beautiful Premium Weebly Themes 1

Yes, Baamboo Studio can be a bit overwhelming, with the constant, random popups and disjointed English text, but don’t let that scare you away. Anyone who can design a website this beautiful is bound to create some truly awesome Weebly themes.

And boy, do they ever.

This company offers everything you’d expect from premium Weebly templates, and more. The design of the templates is second to none, and catapults Weebly into the same top category as Squarespace when it comes to beautiful web design templates.

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Even more impressive then the beautiful design, is the ease of use when it comes to installation and customization. Baamboo Studio makes custom HTML coding look easy, with extensive step-by-step guides that will have you feeling like a star web designer in no time.

They even have placed guided text within the code itself, so you know exactly where to go to make custom changes to colors, fonts, background images, and much more.

In addition, they have unique features that really simplify the design process. While other developers require coding to make some minor changes, with Baamboo Studio it’s as simple as a flick of the switch.

If you want cutting edge design and great customer support, I cannot recommend Baamboo Studios enough.

Click here to visit Baamboo Studio


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Between these three companies, you have dozens of beautiful, professional Weebly themes to choose from. What it really comes down to is personal preference. Check out each one, and choose the theme that is right for you and your website.

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45 Responses

  1. Thank you for your advice!
    It’s true that Weebly is popular because of its drag-and-drop feature. But because it’s a closed source website builder, this makes it hard to make the website more customized. However, the website development industry is going through a rapid change, so maybe you should reconsider your options. For example, Wiredelta is a new player, who provides easy to use, but customizable website solutions. Even though we are new, we already managed to collect more themes than Weebly and Squarespace together.
    Check them out.

  2. I kno this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was curious what all is required to get
    set up? I’m assuming having a blog likie yours would cost a
    pretty penny? I’m not vedy internet savvy so I’m not
    100% certain. Any suggestions oor advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I like this article as it protects us Weebly users from going with “shady” theme providers.

    In my experience, the best most reliable theme providers are Baamboo Studio, Luminous themes, and WebFire themes. I’ve used every one of them and was pleased with their service. I’ve heard good things about FreeWidgets4U too, but personally haven’t tried them. You should review them, I’d be really interested to see how well they do.

    If I am correct, Baamboo studio and Webfire themes have been here since the early days of Weebly, which means they probably have a lot of experience selling this kind of stuff. I’ve used them on several occasions, no problems.

    Luminous themes are the new guys on the block and I’ve had a good experience with them too. One of my clients really liked a theme they had so I bought it and everything went by smoothly. Shout out to Steven from Luminous themes for helping me customize the responsive portion of the theme, I kind of feel bad because he really worked hard to help me out with the rather unique customization my client wanted and pretty much did the work for me, without asking me for any extra fee’s or money. Super nice guy.

    They also give out really often updates too which I don’t think they advertise enough tbh. A few days after I purchased a theme, I got a free software update from them. Dunno if it was a coincidence or not but regardless it’s a good sign. I actually think that them having fewer themes is better than having tons of themes. I feel like with fewer themes they can concentrate on the support for each theme more. Quality is better than quantity. One thing I’ve seen from theme providers like Baamboo is that they have a lot of themes, but they don’t offer updates quickly or often. I understand completely because managing so many themes would be awful but still, its refreshing to see providers like luminous taking it one step at a time and focusing on quality rather than quantity.

    Honestly, I think if you stick with either Baamboo, WebFire, or Luminous, you’re pretty much safe.

    Baamboo Studio advantages:
    + LOTS of great Weebly themes to choose from. So many options!
    + Free widgets come with the purchase and they regularly make more.
    + They make apps in the Weebly app store
    + Lots of image sliders

    Luminous Themes advantages:
    + Really clean designs, quality over quantity
    + Fantastic customer support (Steven, I freaking love you.)
    + Very frequent updates for themes
    + User friendly manual – They had a really good looking manual, i was impressed

    WebFire positives:
    + Widget maker. (I didn’t really use this all too often but its still nice to have)
    + Also very many themes to choose from.
    + Feature packed themes

    1. The revilla themes website is running on the aurora theme from luminous themes right? I saw the code was identical my site which was using luminous themes aurora. You did a great job creating the site, I recently purchased the Aurora theme from luminous too and im working on creating my site with it too. good luck making themes!

      1. Jakub, I don’t think it is, I re-checked the code and RevillaThemes and LuminousThemes confirmed that their codes doesn’t match, and much more matches Weebly’s Aroma theme. I also don’t think that RevillaThemes will be creating themes that they don’t even own, got it? By the way, I bought membership in revillathemes and the features of Industrial Pro is seriously 10x better and cheaper than Aurora, Industrial Pro has more powerful features as I noticed.

  4. Hi: Patrick I think this article needs updating, especially if you’re trying to be informative as DIVTAG seems presently out of business with a lot of unhappy customers [visit their Facebook page] who was promised lifetime support.
    What does that REALLY mean anyway, I don’t see proper established companies/brands offer lifetime support for their products or services? When was the last time you bought a product or service Patrick with lifetime support?
    Be a bit balance and investigated if you’re trying to help people decide where to spend their hard earned bucks.
    And are what are you evaluating each developer on exactly?

    Your own purchases as a measuring stick?
    Perhaps consider
    Aesthetic Design
    With that said I think
    Luminous Themes []
    Seems to be promising… but they want to change a statement on their website that one of their themes is an award-winning theme. What award did they win?
    Blue Sky Themes []
    New developer also seems very promising
    Walton [] is an App center developer is soon to release some themes may be interesting to see what they have to offer.
    No too sure about:

    1. Hi Shelly, thanks for your feedback.

      I have personally used all of the suggested developers here. I regularly update this post to keep my readers informed, and have made it clear underneath both Theme Penguin and Divtag that these two companies are not currently operating.

      You are correct on your thoughts about “lifetime support”. Many confuse lifetime with forever, but we are constantly reminded that the lives of businesses can unfortunately be cut short. Never assume your supplier will be around forever.

      I am in the process of evaluating some of the newer players, particularly Luminous. But until I have personally tested them out, I’m not prepared to recommend them to my followers. Most of the ones you mentioned are in the early stages or are just plain sketchy. Needless to say, I am always watching and updating.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Thank you Patrick for doing these reviews.
        I seem to be a casualty of DivTag Templates “lifetime support” as my Weebly text editor no longer works and so here I am searching about. After reading your reviews, I went to all 3 sites. In regards to Baamboo, none of your links to your favorites work anymore and Baamboo only displays 3 very simple templates for sale. It looks more like a template clearance sale than than a stable business. If it is a temporary situation, they provide no explanation other than that their templates are now compatible with Weebly4, whatever that is . Are they on their way out the door too? After my DivTag experience and this Baamboo visit, my skepticism for 3rd party templates is skyrocketing.

        1. Hey David, thanks for reading.
          It’s unfortunate about Divtag. They did such a great job, and shut down without any notice or explanation. Very odd.

          With regards to Baamboo, I’m aware of these new developments. He just removed all of his “current” templates a couple weeks ago. I’ve attempted to contact him several times, with little success. Other readers are having similar issues. Too early to tell at this point, but my gut tells me that he is simply making some poor business decisions. Whether that affects him financially remains to be seem, but he has a lot of upset customers and partners to answer to…

  5. Weebly need more updates like add on date picker Calendar and maintenance page slider because that elements very need everyone..please as soon update mostly people leaving.

  6. I used Baamboo and they were AWESOME at helping me resolve some glitches that I could not fix (lack of ability). No questions asked…and they responded timely.

    I also used ModernWeb themes and it was the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. I will never use them again. I had an issue with my shopping cart not loading and they just shoot you back a question everytime you ask them to look into something. They NEVER actually looked into anything and I spent hours of time to not be able to solve the script error (coming from their code). I am at my wits end and am starting over from scratch. So disappointing. I will always choose Baamboo Studio from now on for any special template needs.

  7. I’m with Weebly community for years now and yea there’s a big demand for new themes. Current suppliers don’t try to provide good product or service at all. We actually have our own project on the way –

    Wy trying to come up with something new – we integrating new features thanks to carbon editor. Theres still a lot of issues with documentation for dev, themes market is not on yet, developers platform in beta. Weebly needs more time to gather more developers and designers around their apps market. We gone start selling soonest we go out from beta and resolve few issues.

    We would love to hear the feedback from Weebly users about our first three themes – we wane go more in to unusual layouts direction like on

    And last thing we wane offer only full access for $59.90 – no other purchase option. This means you will get access to all of our products for one price.

    1. Thanks Jason,
      I had a quick look at your site. You have a very beautiful design, flows really well. A few observations, if I may:
      – You have a lot spelling and grammar errors throughout the site. If English is not your first language, I recommend you hire a translator. Proper language will give you more credibility.
      – Your nav menu is a bit difficult to find for most users. I’d keep the nav menu visible along the top at all times, rather than hide behind the menu icon.
      – Get some real testimonials from real customers. If you’re just starting out and don’t have any yet, get rid of the testimonial box entirely until you do.

      Looking forward to seeing your new themes. Keep up the good work!

      1. – Spelling no worries we just changed lerem ipsum text on some subject notes, it’s gone be checked and corrected
        – Yea that’s a good point, this need to be changed
        – This are real we did some weebly design before, I actually owned one of the weebly themes shops

        We really interested about Abstract Theme – is that what users want? Crazay unusual layouts? some custom galleries? I was always angry as a user that all themes look “the same”, after 5 min I know that this is Weebly. We wane develop them to the point where they can compete with other CMSs websites

        1. Get lost. You share the same IP as the developer of ModernWeb Themes. Ive had a horrible experience with your Themes. DO NOT BUY FROM CARBON THEMES!

          Buy from Baamboo Studio. They make good Themes with great support. Or webfire, their widget editor is awesome. If support is important for you and you like Themes with lots of images, buy from luminous Themes.

          Do NOT BUY from Carbon Themes of ModernWeb Themes. I’ve had an awful experience with them. Their instructions make NO sense. They’re scammers and should be banned. Nice job with your alias, genius.

          1. oh yea you such a professional and you don’t even know how to check WHOIS??? same IP??? LOL I bet you don’t even know what this is m8, not mentioning how to actually check it. You should apologize instead of spreading lies. ModernWEB Themes has been sold for over half a year now – Carbon Themes have nothing to do with ModernWEB Themes. What current owner is doing with it, have nothing to do with us, their website and themes are broken for month now.

            You can tell after 30seconds on the home page so why would you pay for theme from shop that’s obviously coded wrong???

            Another obvious thing is compare the themes, they all written from scratch and follow all dev documents Weebly add recently. Anybody who have two eyes can see that.

            Please think before you gone post something – from the poor attitude and knowledge you have I conclude that you probably the guy who always knows everything better. From the experience I know that peoples like you have always big mouths, write loads of messages to the support etc. instead of reading documentations and actually learning something.

            You wane be a hater that’s OK but don’t write LIES like you would know what you saying because you don’t.

          2. Here’s proof in case anybody doubt what I wrote. Here’s a flippa auction link

            I have nothing to hide plus so that you know there was 3 of us back than, I’m just one of the dudes responsible for it.

            We are happy to answer all the questions our customers might have, write to us on [email protected]

            *Another thing about this IP – I moved 1 month ago so it would be different anyway LOL 🙂

          3. iSmack
            1 what this have to do with anything?
            2 don’t read it if its so offensive to you
            3 this is america? this is means what? LOL
            4 how come you understand even one word if it’s not english
            5 i really have enough of haters for one day dude, so thanks 🙂

          4. EVERY WEEBLY WEBSITE HOSTED ON THEIR SERVERS HAVE SAME IP ADDRES 🙂 don’t worry about this idiot jay, do your thing, great themes

          5. I agree totally Morden Themes and Carbon Templates seems to be the same company, Portraying to be independent Weebly developers. Simply go to Modern Themes and click the More Themes tab {on the navigation bar and click} you will see that you will be directed to carbontemplates website. It seems very shady [dishonest] when JasonK was denying it.

        2. Listen buddy. Look at the way you write. Instead of saying “going to be” you say “gone be.” That’s grammatically incorrect English, and the same mistakes you made in this comment are the SAME mistakes you made on your website. You speak the same way. You say M8 just like you say them in your emails. You use expressions like LOL often just like you use in other mediums like the Weebly Blog.

          You’re evidently the same person…

          1. Again what this have to do with feedback about our themes and shop? NOTHING

            You writing all this back because you have nothing to say about the subject. I gone write the way i want to ok? Thank You

            Please stop acting like a little kid who need to have last word – first you wrote comment full of hate, than when i post proof of how ridiculous your accusation were, you start writing about my english.

            I also have news for you “buddy” ITS INTERNET NOT ENGLISH LESSONS – people can write however they want, whatever they want. You don’t like it? Is somebody forcing you to be here? I think people coming here to find accurate info about Weebly Themes not listen to you telling them whats write and whats wrong.

            I’m here to let people know about the themes i offer and answer relevant questions. I really have enough of replaying to you, and listening to all this b****** only because you angry about some purchase you made. Take a responsibility for your actions instead of spreading hateful comments 🙂

  8. I have really tried to use webfire theme and it is BAD !
    Very difficult to manage.
    And very lousy support.
    Save your $50.

  9. Well, lot of changes going on. When Weebly had 150+ free themes, that was pretty cool Although I only used a certain set of them, it was great to have the variety the ability to tweak the css to customize them.

    Now, Weebly has scaled back to 24 themes, supposedly for “easier customization” and “more responsive” templates. If you’re interested, I saved the remaining 40 old templates and they may be found at

    Another trick might be using and if they let you export their themes you might be able to upload them to Weebly.

    I’m not a big fan of paying for templates. I’ve actually been thinking about playing w/my own themes old skool, using pshop and dweaver just for fun. Even if WebStarts doesn’t allow you to download theme code, try them out anyway. They have tonz of templates and a cool dashboard that let’s you do a lot of things you had to do in Weebly css.

    I’m still a die hard Weebly Fan tho and run the Weebly Fans group on LinkedIn. Please join if you think it would be helpful. The more the

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Tim.

      The reality is Weebly’s standard themes have always been quite weak. Only very recently did they update many of them to responsive designs, way behind other competitors.

      I am also not a fan of Webstarts. Any web design platform with a website as ugly and dated as theirs should definitely be a concern for potential users.

      I’ll take a look at your Linkedin group. Would love to contribute.

  10. DivTag no longer makes themes, and Theme Penguin has been dead for quite a while. Its a shame, as I used to be a heavy DivTag customer.

    Though I have found another very nice Weebly theme developer called Luminous Themes ( They seem to be very new and have four good-looking themes. As a web designer who uses Weebly to make websites, I use their themes because they have A LOT of documentation on how to make the most out of the themes, their support is top-notch, and their themes are generally very nice, they’re priced at a very nice point.

    What’s unique about them is their multi-license agreement. When you buy one of their themes, you get a multi-use license to make up to 20 Weebly website with their themes! For $29 or $39! As a web designer its a fantastic deal. When Carbon came out, they quickly updated all of their themes.

    WebFire, Baamboo, they make really nice themes, but their themes are kind of “predefined.” The themes that Luminous Themes makes (especially their Ethereal) are very flexible, and can be customized a ton to match modern web design.

    So that’s my take. Great article however. We need more articles about Weebly, to build up the community. Imagine how awesome Weebly would be if the community was more integrated.

    1. Some how I missed this comment. Sorry for the delay!

      Thanks so much for reading. Luminous looks very promising. Would love to see what more they can do outside the 4 they currently have. A bit more variety would be great.

      I agree about the need for a better Weebly community. I plan on writing more about it in the coming months. Stay tuned!

      1. M8 this comment is from one of luminous themes owner – they putting little stories like that (about their purchase and top notch products) to make peoples buy. Come on did you heard about guy who makes comment on 1 sent. than write another 6 about how incrennible shop was? 🙂

        For everybody – Luminous themes don’t even write their own code to the end, they purchasing html templates from other markets and tweaking it for Weebly. I’m not even sure did they purchase right licence for it.

        At the moment none of the theme supliers do good job, all their products have loads of mistakes and haven’t been updated for months or even years. Its just some advice, I’m with Weebly for long time now, I know all of them 😉

        1. Hey Jason,
          It’s clear from the content of their comment that it was promotional in nature, but it’s on topic and informative, so I allow it to further discussion. Just like your most recent comment about your own products was.

          I disagree with your remark that none of the current suppliers do a good job. Divtag did fantastic work before they mysteriously halted sales, and Baamboo Studios and Webfire offer great themes and support.

          1. Than yea we disagree. I read so many negative comments about them, used them myself, I had impression they don’t care. When we were supporting our clients under weebly we simply asked for editors link and did what clients asked for or needed. I think none of them would ever do that if you would let them know about problems. Automatic answers with more sugar than info.

            Well another thing is Weebly do their updates in very weird way – order of their new features makes no sense but I personally have high hopes for apps and Themes market. I think those two things are what is stoping Weebly to take over WYSIWYG category in CMS market. Few social features like profile card and messaging would make a big difference too.

            I thought they gone do all this right away after their major investment but they spend more money on their own corporate structure than on the software improvement, shame.

            Don’t get me wrong i like weebly but there’s so much more potential there…

          2. I’ve had developers fix my problems in editor before, without me even asking.

            Definitely agree with the untapped potential of Weebly. Not sure why they give access to new features to everyone but the designers, who arguably use their service more than anyone else. Frustrating for sure.

  11. Does anyone know what has happened to DIV TAG Templates? I am seriously worried for them as they are not responding to any of my urgent emails!!!!
    I have read a few bad and worrying reviews about them lately . Does anyone know of any further news?

    1. As a DivTag customer, I know the frustration. I had a TON of problems with my themes, and I could NOT contact their customer support at all! I invested over $500 in their products.

      The solution for me was to actually contact the Luminous Themes guys that I mentioned in their comments (I think their url is They helped me with product support for DIVTAG’s products, even though I wasn’t a Luminous Themes customer. Phenomenal, I have appreciation for companies that are that dedicated to customer satisfaction. So if you’re having urgent problems with your DivTag theme, I suggest you go there and try to ask them.

      In the end, I gave up on DivTag and bought one of the Luminous Themes Weebly Themes (their Ethereal Weebly theme). DivTag used to be amazing, but their lack of customer support is really ridiculous.

    2. DIV TAG get a lot of attention in first year when they were only shop out there. Than somebody make really big investment, Jeremy Wong get nice check and never really thought about continuing, no sense. They couldn’t make the investment back as more and more complains spread over the internet and eventually website has been left, Jeremy is gone and so on. There was some info on their website few months back about them not continuing to support any of their customers.

  12. Heads up that Theme Penguin has not created a theme in over 2 years. Might be hard to get support, or buy new themes from them.

    Baamboo is a great choice for support and clean themes. Webfirethemes is at the same level with clean code and awesome design on their themes too.


    1. Hi Angela, thanks for reading!
      I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I always love to see new tools and resources for Weebly users. I’d love to be able to include your site in this post one day but, as it stands, it needs quite a lot of work.

      Some quick things I noticed:
      – Your navigation menu is completely hidden behind your cookies disclaimer.
      – You have spelling and grammar errors throughout the site, including the nav menu.
      – Your site as a whole is difficult to navigate. Having 3 pages dedicated to contact forms is not ideal.
      – $60 is bit steep compared to other, more established theme providers.

      Hope to see more of you going forward. Let’s grow this community!

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