3 Reasons Why I Quit Netflix For Good (and You Should Too)

3 Reasons Why I Quit Netflix For Good (and You Should Too)

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I’m no different than anyone else, I love a good story.

But I’ve never been interested in reading for entertainment. I read all day, every day as part of my work and personal studies. When I’m looking to unwind at the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do is read.

But, tell that same story through film and I’ll be hooked.

So, when Netflix came along and offered unlimited streaming of all kinds of movie goodness for a small monthly fee, how could I say no? I signed up right away.

And this was before Netflix even started to get into original programming. They simply licensed other movies and TV shows and distributed them to the masses.


We live in what is considered to be the Golden Age of television. There have never been more high quality shows on TV. The storytelling and production value found in most shows today would have been Best Picture nominations decades ago.

Companies like Netflix have played a big part in that.

And yet, I’ve slowly been weaning myself off of my favorite streaming services, culminating in the cancellation of my Netflix account a couple of months ago.

Here’s why I did it, and why I have zero regrets.

Netflix directly opposes everything I want to accomplish

netflix addiction

In the old days of television, watching a TV show was a slow burn. The studio released a new episode each week, and you had to sit down at the exact time it was broadcast to watch it.

When Netflix started creating their own TV shows, they decided to do it differently. They would release the entire season at once. The length of these seasons ranged anywhere from 8 to 20 hours of content.

And, just like that, the habit of “binge-watching” was born.

The interesting thing is, this term is largely considered humorous by pop culture.

What’s the actual definition of “binge” anyway?

“To indulge in an activity, especially eating, to excess.”

Excess. As in more than is needed, or even healthy.

The word “binge” has always been used in a negative context, and rightly so. If someone regularly binges on food or alcohol, people don’t treat it as a joke, they get that person help. It’s a sign of addiction and illness.

So why do we treat binge-watching differently? Is it any less harmful?

Watching too much TV has already been well documented to be bad for your physical AND mental health.

Yet here we are, making light of it and even encouraging it with stupid things like candles that burn different scents as you “burn” through episode after episode.

netflix candle 1

Sounds healthy.

Netflix is addictive, plain and simple. I often found myself watching Netflix simply because it was just there. Sometimes, after watching an entire season of a show I heard good things about, I’d think to myself: “Meh, that was OK I guess”.

“OK”? I had just devoted 13 hours of my life to “OK”?

And as soon as you’re done one show, Netflix so helpfully suggests dozens of others to waste your life on.

It is designed to destroy your focus and numb you into submission.

No more. Can’t do it. Time is our most valuable resource, and I’m certainly not going to continue to waste it on “meh”.

Netflix is full of depressing filth

netflix addiction

As our world becomes ever more desensitized to violence, sex, and language, entertainment only gets more extreme. The “boundaries” continue to be pushed further.

Just take a look at the most popular shows on TV, and see if you can find a common thread.

And the shows that don’t necessarily have explicit content still manage to be about darker themes. Everyone wants to be DARK. Disturbing, shocking, grotesque, downright depressing.

People choose to believe that these types of entertainment have no negative effects on us, or our children. The evidence shows otherwise.

Browse through Netflix’s original content, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that doesn’t have a Mature rating.

And even the PG and PG13 content often has “edgy” material.

Recently, Netflix made the decision to allow hardcore pornography on their platform. (there’s plenty of news about this out there, but I won’t link to it)

That was the final straw for me.

You are what you eat, and that includes what your mind ingests. Try removing this type of content from your life and see the difference it makes.

Removing Netflix from your life improves your conversations

cancel your netflix 1

You don’t realize how much your conversation with others relies on general pop culture until you are no longer absorbed in said pop culture.

Put simply, we make a lot of small talk.

I’m not writing off all of pop culture, of course. I enjoy a lot of it as much as anyone else, that’s why it’s called popular culture. I’m a big sports fan, arguably the biggest category of pop culture. (sometimes to an unhealthy degree)

But, how often do we dare to have conversations outside of it?

We rely on pop culture to fuel our conversations because we know that’s the easiest way to find common ground with another person.

But how meaningful is it?

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Can you remember the last time you talked to someone about Making a Murderer? or Stranger Things? or Luke Cage? I guarantee that you did at some point, but it’s long gone from your memory. Because it’s ultimately just filler.

By removing Netflix from my life, I’ve eliminated a healthy portion of my pop culture diet. It forces me to come up with other (hopefully more meaningful) things to talk about with others.


I’ll admit that it’s not always easy. When I hear others talking about the latest hit Netflix show, the part of me that craves beautifully made television stories starts to bubble to the surface.

But then I just find other, more up-building things to fill that time with. I have more time to write, for example. And the more I hone my craft, the more I enjoy it.

And I can honestly say that cancelling Netflix, and quitting TV in general, was the single biggest thing that transformed my web design business. Not even exaggerating.

If you watch a lot of Netflix, like I did, I encourage you to try removing it from your life for just 30 days. If you don’t feel like it’s made a positive impact on your life, you can always jump back on the binge-watching bandwagon.

Because that thing clearly ain’t slowing down anytime soon.

Still want to watch something, but can’t take Netflix anymore? Try these 6 healthy streaming alternatives instead!

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212 Responses

  1. What the difference from watching Netflix or using your large DVD or Blu-ray collection?

    I love Netflix but I don’t binge watch. I like to have set days for shows. Dark is a show I like to watch on Sundays,. Ragnarok tends to be on Fridays. Occupied an episode during a week.

    It up to you how you watch Netflix. Having a TV series online is the same as the physical media, you don’t have to binge watch.

  2. I don’t agree with you. Do you think it’s better to spend hours watching football, Playing games in the PC or online, watching garbage on national TV. If I could I would cancelled my cable TV, but I need Fiber Internet connection to have streams. Now I just can’t stand to wait for TV shows to see 1 episode once a week.

    I’ve cancelled Netflix because it’s not cheap, and I’ve Binged everything I’ve like it to pay just 3 or 4 months. Now there’s nothing new in there, I don’t need to sign it again for a few years. I’ve done the same with Disney+ and only payed one month. I’ve Amazon Prime because it’s more cheaper, I could pay for a year (36€) for the price of 3 months of netflix, and have access to more and better movies of the Spanish Catalog and I’m in no worry to see my targeted Movies and TV shows.

  3. I’ve experimented with only subscribing to Netflix for a few months out of the year, and usually when I am subscribed I will watch more movies/shows than I would otherwise but at the same time there is only so many movies/shows that interest me, until I just watch whatever is there because it’s there.

    I experimented with renting from google play and when you pay $3.99 to rent a movie, I became rather selective.

    However I don’t think its fair to exclusively place the blame on Netflix, but rather the concept of netflix and entertainment. It’s more likely the case as is argued by Cal Newport in “Digital Minimalism” that it’s the combination of all these services that really eats away at your life.

    But that being said I think Netflix is a far more time consuming service than others.

  4. Just this past week, I ditched the DVD plan via Netflix and signed up for streaming. Within two days, I ditched Netflix streaming and was back with the DVD Plan. Reason: The extremely limited and to me, low quality stuff available to stream on Netflix is simply not worth the price. The DVD plan has everything ever made and it also imposes a degree of discipline. You can’t watch until it arrives via the mail.
    The biggest negative to me are bad discs. DVD is good about sending prompt replacements but it takes days to get . I don’t get too out of shape about it. I’m a free lance photographer and frankly, I’d rather be out with the cameras instead of vegging in front of the box.

  5. I saw all the comments and was happy that I am not alone in thinking that Netflix basically sucks. Bad content. I searched Netflix for classic American movies and hardly found any. Some of the content is cheap and of low quality. I tried to cancel and they gave me the runaround. All these practices show the unethical practices of a company trying to compete in a bad way to stay in business. Some of these practices are by design and show bad taste right from top to the bottom of the food chain. It’s just sad.

  6. There are a lot of heartfelt comments on here aside from the excellent article itself. I wasn’t even thinking about how pretty much all their shows, if not all, centre around 2 things only, exploiting the worst aspects of, “Getting you in there.” Once you’re in, it’s like a swamp. They’re showing nothing, but an increasing greed and complete lack of care for young people, like that show that got banned for sexualising small children. The final straw for me was price increases as our (UK) area plunged into lockdown. Talk about kick everyone while we’re down and greed. Please, heed this article and stop feeding this monster, and search out, study about alternate means, like Netflix apk, it’s free, wider selection and their website is explanatory of it’s legality etc

  7. I couldn’t agree more with you. My husband is on his 3rd movie of the day and it’s only
    4pm. It’s sad and depressing.

  8. I couldn’t find a place to review Netflix anywhere probably because I’m not really familiar with it but I know my bank’s been charging me for a service I never signed up for never gave an email for and I don’t know how this was done but I am not happy I am pissed ! Cyber criminals today are dangerous as I’m finding ing out first hand but Netflix isn’t actually making it easy ! All I know is they’re paying back everything somehow someway I don’t give a flying duck ! I suggest people check their spam folder & bank statements regularly for this kind of pure bullshit because God knows how long your bank’s charging you for a service you didn’t sign up for like myself ! And Netflix no help & personally hope there crap business goes bankrupt and they suffer pure hell those doing the scam

  9. You did the right thing. I worked for Netflix and after 4 years I left. The company’s values are filled with hypocrisy. The mantra for the company is do whatever you can to keep people on the platform and not on another one. There is no thought put to the quality of the content. Whatever keeps you glued to the screen, they’ll put it up there. The corporate culture is sick. People are fired by managers because the managers are asked to prove their loyalty to the company. Be tough and fire someone. Racism runs rampant through the company. Their supposed “diversity and inclusion” initiative is just optics with no substance. I couldn’t deal with it anymore so I left. And I cut my account off. Life is fine without it.

  10. I can’t stand Netflix anymore. All movies for kids (I am talking about over 12) are full of rubbish, sex, sex and sex. There is not more innocent and nice movies for kids. Let kids be kids. Bye Netflix you are not going to get my kids into your agenda.

  11. Netflix is only bad for people who don’t know how to control it. As of you, you didn’t know how and hence you have written this article, Netflix is a great entertainment but you should know how to control your binge watching, if it isn’t controlled, it could cause you some problems, you should have mentioned this.
    You need to learn to control it. If you aren’t so good at it, i would suggest you to take some time away from it and come back to it once you’re ready and think that you can do it. Its the only way Netflix wont disturb your daily life. It is a great entertainment as i mentioned, it can also be an scape from the problems in your life, its like your getaway.
    but do not take it too far. it all depends on your control over your urge to watch something.
    what i do to be free from the urge is that i do not stop after watching an episode as there is always a cliffhanger at the end, i stop at the middle, this helps and i hope it does the same for you if choose the same thing. thank you for reading this, hope it helped.

    1. Thanks for the polite comment! Hard to find around here these days…

      People do need to know how to control it. For some, that means getting rid of it entirely.

      Also noticed you didn’t mention anything about the TYPE of content on Netflix. What are your thoughts on that?

  12. Netflix, most if not all of hollywood… have one agenda. Most of it is intentional, some of it is misdirected, the remainder are just the greedy bunch who are out to make a quick and good dollar. The agenda, in short, is Satanism. It is all a diabolical attempt to distract you from finding God, acknowledging him, loving him and serving him, and reaping the life-giving rewards that follow. Now, is there some good mixed in with the bad on Netflix, absolutely. It wouldn’t be the devil’s playground had there not been. Remember, everything diabolical in this world starts off with an apparent good. Make the right choice and unsubscribe to Netflix and all the others who are just out to get your money. Be wise. All of them think of you as “the vile and vulgar.” This is in the Freemason manuals describing what they think of our spaced society. And Freemasonry is nothing other than Satanism undercover.

  13. Thank you for putting into words what I’ve been feeling for so long with regards to Netflix, in particular. I agree that the content is overall filth and it disappoints me to see the quality of entertainment that is accepted as “good” today.

  14. I’ve never met anyone who said a good word for Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. They might have imagined they were saying a good word, but it sounded as though they just thrived on crap.
    Just looking through the “schedules” from time to time is enough to keep me away.

    1. I got married 6 months ago, and my wife has Netflix. We searched for something to watch together one night (for me, the first time in years) and I was even more stunned about how far it has sunk. No regrets about my decision!

  15. Netflix and all other streaming services seem to offer one type of story, family drama over seasons. We used to call them soap operas. Got a historical drama with vikings, bet it will have contemporary issues and little viking history. Got a medieval drama, love triangles galore, and nothing medieval but the clothes. Will he tell her this? Will she tell him that? Will this person confess to that person, and will this other person find out? Endless family drama, from start to finish. They dont even try to write a story based on the theme. Any previous drama from any show over the last 50 years can be recycled. Its boring. At least with star trek, the script couldn’t be recycled in another tv series, it was too specific. How many shows are specific to the theme they base themselves on? None.

  16. Dudes, Netflix should be canceled because it is a controlling corporate behemoth. It turns art into farts. Cancel your account, and your Amazon Prime accounts, to demand better from out streaming platforms. I wanted to internet rage against Netflix, and this shows up first. Sorry but this article is ****ed. It’s right, but for the wrong reasons. It’s called being comfortable in your skin. Regrets over watching too much TV? What else were you going to do, learn nautical rope ties? Tomato tomato. Be chill, love yourself, have no regrets essé. Who cares what you do with your time if your enjoying it. Entertainment is our love child. We’re forced to make dirt wages for the service industry from 8-6, what’d you expect. **** NETFLIX! And SUCK IT Amazon Prime! We deserve better! But chilling all day watching TV is only as bad as you make it. And as wonderful as you’ll allow it. Just like literally everything else. We’re all going to die one day yo!! Time is a currency? Mind is the currency brotha!


  18. I still have Netflex but I will say it’s gone down since they made their own movies. Anything good like Santa Clarita Diet they canceled but replaced it with movies that might have been good with some imagination but the endings are horrible in so many of them. I’ve been watching Roku lately and it’s not bad. They do have commercials but in a two hr. Movie there is only 10 min. Of commercials. Not that bad. Other wise it’s all free.

  19. I really like Movies and TV as a pastime. Having said that, there is terrible content on OTA TV and there is terrible content on Netflix. By my calculations 75% of content is unwatchable. The differences are:

    OTA has commercials and Netflix does not.
    OTA is less violent and sexual than Netflix. It is more conservative.
    OTA is curated by the networks/studios while you have to curate yourself when watching Netflix.
    OTA is not bingable.

    I recently started Vikings and devoted 2 months to it – would watch a couple of episodes each evening. I had to give up. Too long of a soap opera even though I enjoyed the political intrigue. If you take out the half the battle scenes and the love scenes (seen one, seen em all) You could condense this series from 8 seasons to 4!

    I did enjoy the Queens Gambit. Just enough and not too much.

    What I have begun doing rotating the services on a 4-6 month rotation. Netflix/Crave/Disney+/Amazon Prime (around Christmas) repeat. It is pointless to subscribe to all of these services at the same time. If your family insists – get them to pay for it.

    For classic movies we have Kanopy and Hoopla FREE through our library. Kanopy has Criterion Collection. You can see classic Chaplin here too.

    Seeing how much bad, substandard stuff is out there makes you appreciate how much effort must be put into the quality shows/movies.

  20. I recently joined Netflix to watch a series, and I didn’t ‘binge’ it because I had things in my life to do, those life goals, but I still watched the whole thing. At the very least 10 hours of my time was gone, but I enjoyed it. Here are some of my thoughts.

    1. I stopped myself from doing any of that ‘binge’ stuff. I didn’t need to even stop myself really. It wasn’t hard to watch one episode then go do something else because I have a life, I feel like if people got off the screen and instead made plans and such, they would have an easier time not falling into the trap of not being able to stop.
    2. 10+ hours of time well spent, I managed to get through that series, final exams for full-time student classes, and work. I really enjoyed leaving the show to come back to it each time as a little treat after working hard!
    3. Why would anyone want to keep watching something they aren’t truly enjoying? I can’t wrap my head around it, haha, Netflix really is a death trap for some, huh?
    4. Graphic content is everywhere, I don’t really think things being graphic is the problem but rather the fact that some of the things Netflix produces are pretty much awful. I believe sometimes graphic things (within reason) are needed to tell stories that need to be told. However, I am not too keen on pornographic things being used for entertainment. Mature themes require better writing, which, let’s be honest, Netflix does not have for quite a lot of their movies and shows.
    5. Netflix has a kids mode! That would probably be best to be put on kids! Even so, I think parents should better monitor their kids while using media such as this. It’s concerning to think parents are letting non-mature children have free reign of Netflix.
    6. I hope Netflix will try to push healthier lifestyles! It’s saddening it can be so detrimental for people!
    7. The only place where I disagree here is the fact that Netflix is bad for conversation, while I do not believe people should only be discussing their favorite shows, I do believe that those well made and written shows can really open up a conversation about ideas and serious topics and in turn, can be good. Shows and Movies are not perfect and must be picked and chosen for the good things.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the article! I hope it’s a wake-up call for some people who are struggling to find that control over their lives instead of letting Netflix control them!


  21. Very well said, desensitizing is it exactly. It is so sad to see what filth people are openly watching. I will be canceling Netflix as well

    1. Considering how many tv shows or originals they keep cancelling is good enough for me to let the door hit them on the way

  22. I dumped Netflix year’s ago… simply put ? Exactly how many times can you watch the same 15 seasons of NCIS ? so while I was visiting one of my kids I went on her Netflix account just to see what they have which was as rhetorical as it gets .. once upon a time you could look up and find exactly what you were looking for be it online or by DVD.. so I scrolled through the entire list including netflix original stuff and wha la there’s absolutely nothing worth watching… And I mean nothing.. which in closing I can say that it was the right thing to do dumping the mess known as Netflix

  23. I watch a mixture of YouTube and Netflix. I use to watch local TV but it got so bad that there was nothing worth watching most of the time. Without Netflix and YouTube then what else is there to watch? I don’t plan on looking at a blank TV screen.
    I limit my TV time to the evening only as I have other things I want to do during the daytime.

  24. YouTube offers so much better content – for free! I have all of my favorite channels: camping, rv’ing, mountain biking, home repair, etc. No more Netflix for me.

    1. I agree with you partially.. everything I watch on you tube has no commercials.. if I even see a commercial off it goes .. case in point there was a 55 minute documentary whit a 32 minute commercial.. and it happens more often than not.

  25. Is this really a Netflix issue or a lack of self-control issue?

    1) binge watching – that’s on you. No one at Netflix is tying you to your chair.
    2) depressing filth – watch the other stuff? Again, no one is forcing you to watch shows you don’t like.
    3) Removing Netflix from your life improves your conversations – a well-adjusted person is perfectly capable of watching a streaming channel AND talking about other topics.

    It really seems like what you need to fix is your own self-control issues.

  26. Such badly dubbed movies and too many scandi movies and just poor quality films.I am now leaving Netflix.I search and search but all I see is old movies being added.Amazon prime has so many film that are free so off I go.Goodbye to NoFlIX.😉👀

    1. I agree with the canceling folks. I’m 84 years old but thought I’d give Netflix a try. Little past my free month and find out they want $37.00 dollars to cancel. That in and of itself I outrageous.

  27. I LOVE THIS ARTICLE!!!! I have been saying this for years! Thank you for taking the time to write this ! We need more people like you on earth!!

    1. I just cancelled too. The whole content on their platform stinks. The shows I watched have moved to other streams or the few one I do enjoy like Russian Doll and Umbrella Academy are on hiatus (not sure when they’ll be back due to covid filming halt). I’m not spending almost $120 a year on something I never use. The original movies are terrible, just direct to video awful.

  28. I just quite Netflix but for a different reason. I am a white person and over the past several years the movies and series for white people have been dwindling more and more until they’re practically non-existent.

    I am not paying a monthly fee to never find anything to watch on the site.

    I know there have been droves of people dropping their subscription to Netflix (130,000 as of 2019) and here is the untold reason: “There is only one opinion and viewpoint allowed on Netflix. Everything is subjected to the extremely rigid, suffocating and oppressive rule of political correctness, “woke” activism and radical social engineering … “ https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/netflix-is-losing-subscribers-in-the-us-the-untold-reason/

    Meanwhile Netflix is blaming their loss of customers and drop in stock value to “technical difficulties” or some such nonsense.

    1. I also have cancelled. In light of recent events in our nation, it is extremely scary to express oneself. This being said, the reason I finally cancelled was finding a Netflix original fantasy series that portrays King Arthur and Guinevere as black? Come on. If he existed, history points to him being Roman. Out and out changing of any truth to follow current lies in our society will keep me from Netflix for evermore.

      1. Lisa: You are right Lisa, Netflix is pure trash! People shouldn’t watch garbage, filthy movies produced by garbage, who want to make people’s life worse than it should be. They just hate America so much, that instead of trying to get decent messages across, they just want to spread dirty filthy movies, to damage society a lot more than it is already! GET RID OF STUPID NETFLIX!

    2. There are no series for any skin color, if you like it, you like it. I hate how Americans are so obsessed with race.

    3. Well said, I couldn’t agree more! It’s more about ticking demographic boxes these days than putting the best actors/actresses in the role. All advertising has gone down the same route also, seems the only white people left in adverts are those who make up the one half of the mixed race marriages we all supposedly seem to be in. Utter WOKE shit on TV these days! I’d rather listen to my music or read a book.

  29. So to start I’m actually a huge fan of Netflix. Netflix’s series and movies brings up countless topics people are afraid to talk about, such as racism, sexism, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, and a lot of other great subjects, and it feels like the article is over generalizing. Yes, their may be some ‘depressing and unhealthy’ things on Netflix, but if we’re using that knowledge, someone could easily say reading is ‘depressing and unhealthy’, because there are books that shouldn’t be read either. The other day, I saw a KKK leader’s memoir. That’s definitely ‘depressing and unhealthy’!

    1. I quite Netflix for their promotion of child rape and exploitation and will never go back. Anyone that supports it are supporting the use of children as sexual objects.

  30. I am compelled to comment. I think this article is about deciding to do other things than watch streamed programming- be it Netflix or another provider (although there were a few comments about Netflix specifically). Netflix is just the most ubiquitous streaming service right now. That is why, as I thought about improving my life by addressing my addiction to screens, I searched “how to quit Netflix” (literally.. haha) though I could’ve searched “how to quit watching the various streaming services that are currently available”. I’m in agreement with this guy. We are all thwarting our potential by spending several hours a day staring at screens (never mind opening our minds to all kinds of images/stimuli that are probably not that healthy). I am thinking about it seriously now that I am a mother.

  31. Hardcore porn!?! Just not true. If you have to lie or grossly exaggerate the truth to make a point, doesn’t seem like a point to be made.

    Also, just because you’ve decided to quit Netflix doesn’t mean there’s any reason to go on a self-righteous rampage about it. For some, with actual control, it can be nice to give yourself an hour to watch something that takes your mind off other things at the end of a long day.

    1. Sex Life has hardcore porn in it. You won’t see vaginas but you will see penises. One is a glimpses of a man’s penis and the other, shows a man’s penis in full view. The one who fully exposes himself has a porn sized penis, as in abnormally long. The entire show focuses on the 2 main characters having sex. The finale ending is so cold hearted. Before the last scene, it was a great ending for a finale, filled with family values and goodness.
      Then abruptly, and not in sync with the story itself, they try to stretch it out and go back to the hardcore sex. Very bad ending. I might watch the 2nd season if there is one, but only to hear what the man will say, shown in the ending scene, whom is the owner of the porn sized penis. Not because I want to see more sex scenes, but I am hoping the family values they attached to this character towards the end, remains with the character.
      I didn’t think Sex Life would be purely about sex only. It was tiring to watch and I continued to watch in the hopes of some actual substance was thrown in.

  32. I tell you what I don’t like Netflix it’s because when you finally find a show you like and are enjoying like Mindhunter or Santa Clarita Diet they just up and cancel it on you or decide not to make another season without any explanation. This is such a regular occurrence you can’t settle in and enjoy a show because they’ll just scrap it. I’ve cancelled Netflix because of it. There just isn’t enough worth watching.

    1. I totally agree what you said, whenever I want to choose a movie and then there’s is too many choices which is hard for me to choose and then whenever I end up choosing which I thought is good ends up boring. The variety of choices makes it end up watching a boring movie. Overall, HBO is better than Netflix since they know how to stream good movies.

    2. I watched netflix back in the early 2010s because they had everything. For just twelve dollars a month, I could watch all the shows I wanted to see, and without having to wait for a week in between episodes. However, I quit in 2019 because they stopped having that stuff. They developed competition; Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, DC Universe, HBO. Netflix stopped being convenient. Now, instead of a couple bucks a month for everything, its twelve dollars a month for garbage, little kids shows, and netflix originals. There’s no point in watching netflix anymore because if its a show I would like, odds are its somewhere else.

      1. Netflix has became a viral now, it’s like since everyone’s watching I need to know and talk and be a part of the social conversation.
        Most episodes are depressing, without any cognition and sometimes tries to effects disturbing emotions. Why does it highlight so much on Indian political affairs? All religious stuffs! I like hot star or prime better and not much nuisance.

    3. They do explain on the internet. It’s frustrating, but their are legit reasons as in money/expenses, maybe not having a cast member, etc.

      1. Language learning. I owe my very advanced listening comprehension and spoken production in Italian to films and TV series I’ve watched online over the years. I subscribed to Netflix for the first time ever only a few weeks ago only because I heard about the audio description feature for the sight-impaired. It’s not available on many titles in Italian but considering how thorough I’ll be in studying those few films and series they will keep me going for a long time. If it weren’t for that feature I would have just continued practicing my listening comprehension with illegal streaming sites. For us language learners, we live in a great age in which we can practice our listening skills from our own home. This wouldn’t have been possible centuries ago.

  33. Just found your article in a Google search for “Why do people love Netflix so much?”. I subscribed to Netflix streaming in 2010 when there just a metric shit ton of MOVIES! You know, the thing that brought Netflix to the forefront. Gradually, they stopped renewing licenses and started to focus on their own original programming that was designed to keep subscribers glued to their couch in some sort of passive-aggressive ownership arrangement. I am a movie buff, and am perfectly fine with devoting 90 minutes to 2 hours a night to an action/horror.sci-fi film. I don’t have the time to binge-watch anything for longer than that because I actually have a life and a wife and things that require attention.

    So when a bunch of people I know and respect start talking about trash like Tiger King or whatever the Soup du Jour is, I bow out of the conversation. Needless to say, they come off as sheep to me in eager anticipation of the NEXT bingeable series. Doesn’t anyone love MOVIES anymore? Netflix doesn’t even have much of a library for anything from the 70s, 80s or 90s. I would still be a subscriber today if they somehow managed to balance out their original tripe with an enticing MOVIE library. Prime Video and Tubi is the way to go, ads or no ads.

    1. That answer resonated with me. I subscribed for the first time ever, expecting this huge library of classics. Start searching around… and there’s nothing. Disappointing to say the least! i already have Amazon Prime, but thought “hey, It’s netflix… heard about it for so long.. let’s put some money down on it”. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to express my feelings.

    2. And the shows that don’t necessarily have explicit content still manage to be about darker themes. Everyone wants to be DARK. Disturbing, shocking, grotesque, downright depressing.

      I totally agree with this statement. Just look at the trending and top 10 list they are prompting. I was glad im not the only one who thinks this way. They are creating a generation of people where cult like practices and bloody scenes are just fun to watch… A dangerous prerogative for the future!

  34. There is literally no good content. I’m a big fan of arthouse movies, but for Netflix I’ve watched it all in a week. Most of the few quality arthouse movies I found there I’ve already seen.

  35. i know how u feel about waisting my life on stupid stuff like the 3 minutes i wasted yoir wine about netflix. if u dont like it change the channel. nobody holding a gun to ur head. can i block u now. have a nice day.

    1. Thank you for putting in your two cents! If you don’t like an article move on, no need for terrible grammar and negativity. You understand what a blog is, correct? No one was holding a gun to your head when you chose to read the whole article and even comment, lol – click and be gone with you! People I tells ya…

      Thank you for taking the time to write the article. When Netflix recently updated their pricing, it made me think about whether it was worth the cost, and it’s not. I needed one more nudge(on top of price increase).

    2. Wouldn’t this apply to all of television?
      Instead of turning the channel, just turn the whole damn thing off and throw it away.
      There’s a real world out there with a real life waiting to engage in constructive and meaningful activities. Anyone that sits their ass in front of a television screen at all, is an open admittance that they have little or no purpose to live.

      1. Minds like yours are very small. Everyone is in good health and can move around easily to go find their life. Don’t forget about us who are chronically ill, terminally ill, physically disabled, mentally disabled. We aren’t good enough to be considered normal humans, hmm? As you age, your organs begin to shut down. One day, you too will sit in front of a screen all day, because you can no longer run around and seek “life”. Everyone always pushes that life is about running outside and traveling. Life is personal for each of us. Stop trying to control the narrative of someone’s story.

  36. Thanks for the article. I have always found Netflix to be repulsive. The content is extremely low vibration. As soon as it’s on I feel my brain being violated.
    Somehow, though, I ended up watching watching a Netflix documentary (recommended by a friend…) ‘don’t fu*ck with cats’ and I wish I hadn’t. It was disgusting. Being lured into some twisted psychological murder story – is this entertainment? it just cemented to me the fact that Netflix is a dark player and we’d be a whole lot better off steering well away from it. Turn that sh*t off!

  37. Dude I’m so with you…. Netflix is the most boring mind numbing programing ever….. Especially in Canada. Depressing and dark stuff here. As much as I LOVE Stranger Things I can’t imagine a steady diet of the garble on Netflix. I hardly watch it anymore myself…

  38. Best information I’ve heard lately!
    It’s like you read my mind.
    Keep up the good work.. and using your brain to think for yourself!

  39. Suddenly I realize that Netflix is simply awful. It is either extreme violence or movies of a sexual nature that should never have been allowed. What happened to sensorship? Ha ha, I guess those days are gone.

    1. unfortunately not.. censorship is here and stronger than ever – but just for racism and white hetero males.. it is political censorship stronger than ever…

  40. Exactly my views sir, I totally agree with the statement that we are what we eat and consume. Social media, netflix eat a lot of time ,are addictive and certainly not a necessity. They have become part and parcel of our life because our mind is lazy, it wants pleasure/dopamine with minimum effort and that’s why majority indulge in such digital entertainment instead of indulding in sports, music, reading,writing,yoga,etc . I admire your views,glad to come across this article. I too write blogs as my hobby, to share my learnings,the first one wrote on why I left watching porn and stopped profanity in an effort towards gender equality,revert if you wish to read them.Link is

      1. Without being political, it’s simply poor programming. Where I live, Netflix has just added around 20 new movies and TV shows. I use ‘new’ very loosely given that the movies are as old as the mid-nineties and so are the TV shows (which are all locally produced, C grade, and bombed out back when they were released over twenty years ago). Netflix needs to pull up its programming socks as like myself, most everyone I know are closing accounts…

  41. yeah i would agree, from a sociology perspective
    i would guess about 79% of Netflix is totally
    unproductive even counterproductive to ones
    growth and well being.

    1. lol, you’re the only one clown that thinks so, it had some of the highest ratings ever and then they cancelled it because the Islamic communities!

  42. Allow me to repeat something that was a reply to another poster that truly tried to see the balance in it all. There is no balance in the content of the media these days. Much like an avalanche, it grows as viewers get absorbed in it. And ‘they’ make it so hard not to as the majority of the content holds the interest of the watcher..(who they watch and use as a marketing tool to grab your attention and sell you whatever poison they dish out..) Then like a slow poisoning they prepare and groom you to get accustomed to the content as an acceptance. Check. Second they introduce ‘based on the things you’ve watched’ …Check. Introduce more content that has nothing to do with why you picked that show in the first place but they get a feeling and..Check. Inject the next (eye flinch’ grimace,,shock.) but that’s okay..YOU ARE STILL WATCHING> and go to the next season or actor/idol of your choice. All boxes are checked.
    There is an illustration about a frog slowly boiling to death as it was a slow rise in temperature in the pot it was in to get accustomed to it. We are the frogs if we continue..Here is my previous comment:
    ‘ I’d like to watch a movie that focuses on the the movie content, not what garbage they (Netflix, HBO etc…) need to throw in repeatedly to meet some kind of strange agenda that’s focus is more on “grooming” an audience for the next shock. If they truly cared about what we want to watch with their supposedly ‘Top picks based on your choices’, then they would allow a rating based on where they go wrong. I could..(and will) name so many movies that had potential but they had to throw the arsenic in. Poison per se to prepare a demise with the makers and lovers of the content they push. CLEAN IT UP! Quality writing and film has never required what ‘they’ say sells. It’s all bullshit and the larger percentage would agree. Unfortunately many have been sold under contract but would change it all if given another chance knowing the harm they’ve helped to ‘brand’ on a young mind. There are soooooo many better writers, musicians, producers, artists…ect that are not sold under the influence of stupidity and greed.

    They WILL have there chance to rise and conquer.

  43. Really..? I’d like to watch a movie that focuses on the the movie content, not what garbage they (Netflix, HBO etc…) need to throw in repeatedly to meet some kind of strange agenda that’s focus is more on “grooming” an audience for the next shock. If they truly cared about what we want to watch with their supposedly ‘Top picks based on your choices’, then they would allow a rating based on where they go wrong. I could..(and will) name so many movies that had potential but they had to throw the arsenic in. Poison per se to prepare a demise with the makers and lovers of the content they push. CLEAN IT UP! Quality writing and film has never required what ‘they’ say sells. It’s all bullshit and the larger percentage would agree. Unfortunately many have been sold under contract but would change it all if given another chance knowing the harm they’ve helped to ‘brand’ on a young mind. There are soooooo many better writers, musicians, producers, artists…ect that are not sold under the influence of stupidity and greed.

    They WILL have there chance to rise and conquer.

  44. I think the ‚thing’ with Netflix is like every other new medium we use: you have to learn how to use it. The problem is, we have had never take any lessons in school or kindergarten in “how to use modern mediums and their content in a safety way”. I mean, mobile phones only <10 years old, streaming maybe < 8 years ( ‘social media’ < 10 years too) and their have spread out of ‘nothing’. So we habe to learning by doing which consum is the best for us.

    In the 18/19th Century was a Debatte about the excessive reading of Books… the love of humankind for good stories are as old as we are. You can practice escapism with books too, or reading only dark and political stuff and get a depression from it.

    It’s the balance that is important. We face the problem, that the most of us are using every day streaming content. If you watch once in a week a movie or a episode of youre favorite series and treat it like a candy (and we all know, too much sugar isn’t healthy, isn’t it 😉 ) it isn’t going to have so much negative impact.

    It’s like Paracelsus said: the dose that makes the poison.
    We are all (or the most of us) responsible for our own. It’s not a company per se.

    1. Really..? I’d like to watch a movie that focuses on the the movie content, not what garbage they (Netflix, HBO etc…) need to throw in repeatedly to meet some kind of strange agenda that’s focus is more on “grooming” an audience for the next shock. If they truly cared about what we want to watch with their supposedly ‘Top picks based on your choices’, then they would allow a rating based on where they go wrong. I could..(and will) name so many movies that had potential but they had to throw the arsenic in. Poison per se to prepare a demise with the makers and lovers of the content they push. CLEAN IT UP! Quality writing and film has never required what ‘they’ say sells. It’s all bullshit and the larger percentage would agree. Unfortunately many have been sold under contract but would change it all if given another chance knowing the harm they’ve helped to ‘brand’ on a young mind. There are soooooo many better writers, musicians, producers, artists…ect that are not sold under the influence of stupidity and greed.

      They WILL have there chance to rise and conquer.

      1. Oh, and by the way as we ‘stream’ and try to balance the medium..Child you are being slowly brainwashed to accept everything you thought was bad is now good.

  45. Hey Patrick
    This is Rishi from Mumbai. We were supposed to have a whatapp call meeting regarding starting my own site. Can we have a talk. I need to clear some doubts and if possible even discuss your service.

  46. I would just like to add to my first comment since there is no edit feature, that Facebook and all the other social media are just as addicting, if not more so. I cannot believe how much time I waste in the a.m., seeing who posted what, who like or didn’t like my posts, who wished me happy birthday, and on and on. In between these time wasters in the morning, then there’s all the texts, messaging, emails, most of which is unwanted garbage I have to delete and/or block. Then it’s Netflix at night. I hate how much this meaningless trivia consumes my day and my time.

  47. Thank you for your intelligent comments. I consider this my wake-up call for about the 10th time. I am on-again, off-again with Netflix. When a new series or movie appears requiring more gray matter than a clam, such as The Crown, then I sign up again. Why don’t they have more movies? That way I can watch one and go do some real activity. I gave up trying to find comedies. They are nowhere to be found and mostly full of filth, lots of cussing, and no plot. I don’t go near horror, or shoot-em-up movies. So know that you helped me here with your article and necessary rant. I am dumping them which should give me time to go practice the piano. It definitely is an addiction and not worthwhile in one’s life. For me, it is an excuse not to get anything done! Since I never had Cable & never will, there is also nothing to watch on TV. Even during the COVID-19, I have more projects in my house to keep me occupied. It is definitely a challenge in one’s self-awareness and self-control.

  48. Funny that. I had several free trials with Netflix over the years and only ever lasted a day or so. They rely too heavily on their own shows which I personally find not very appealing for the reasons you outlined. I like to enjoy a movie every now and then but their catalogue of truly good movies is so bad, at least here in the UK, that I just didn’t think it was worth it. I also don’t understand how people find the time to binge watch an entire season of a show. That’s another reason why I never got in into it, I simple wouldn’t even find the time to finish what I started watching. The water cooler chats at work are so dull as the only thing people seem to be able to talk about is the latest Netflix show and I don’t have much to contribute either and don’t want to peer pressured into Netflix just so I can improve my range of small talk topics. I am a millennial by the way in case you wonder. Then came Covid. I am still busy working from home but I thought I would like to see if anything has changed on Netflix. They conveniently removed their free trial in the UK and my curiosity wasn’t strong enough so I rented a movie from Chili. There are alternatives out there!

  49. I just watch during covid-19. Only some that I enjoy like the last kingdom, many movies are old and not many choices and too many Indian and korean

  50. I cancelled Netflix about three years ago, everything was over the top PC with the same cookie cutter characters no-matter what the location or time period the film/series was supposed to be set in.

    a. Assertive 130 lb woman who can K.O. a 6′ 6″ trucker/biker/docker with a single punch.
    b. World-wise black guy, veteran of a recent war, is the authority figure to keep the dysfunctional white guy in line.
    c. Dysfunctional white guy with PTSD/alcohol/drug problem and dodgy marriage, never turns up for the kids special school event on time.
    d. Asian guy to either do technical stuff like hack strongly encrypted networks after 5 seconds of keyboard mashing or has some mystical martial arts skills and a bloody big sword.
    e. Every character’s father was invariably violent and a complete and utter scumbag (see dysfunctional white guy) and the cause of all their problems

    Last December Netflix offered a free months viewing, I lasted 10 days before cancelling.

    Bottom line as far as I am concerned is I pay for entertainment, not to be spoon fed political ideas from any area on the political spectrum so if Netflix wants to run a politicised platform then they need pay me to watch it.

    Now I paint with oils, at least there is something permanent to show for such activities.

    1. Agree, you swept the bases, I have had that page in my playbook for years now… The direction our entertainment outlets have take is so predictable and tiresome. Now I read, working my way through Kipling…

    2. Absolutely on the head of the nail with your analysis. It’s full of woke crap just for the sake of ticking the demographic boxes!

  51. Hi. I find this article and comments very interesting. And I feel the same about this whole dark entertainment issue with Netflix. To be honest, I think it’s some sort of propaganda going on.. with all the content offered. And as the author and many of you I just don’t like that.

    However I haven’t cancelled my account, because despite all those issues, I still think netflix (or platforms in general) are way better than local TV (I don’t live in the US).

    In my personal experience, I don’t feel like Netflix dragged me with its content. But I did noticed the amount of dark content offered to me very often. Maybe because I usually look for other stuff like Anime, Action movies or comedy. But then again, it can get very addictive.

    I don’t know if anyone here wondered about this, but I think that the platform’s lack of content customization is the real issue. So what I did is that I ignore the home tab completely and I go straight to my lists. That way I don’t pay any attention to what netflix wants me to watch.

    Anyway, I didn’t cancel my netflix yet… I’m in this quarantine trying to keep busy doing other stuff (playing an instrument, getting in touch with friends) but sometimes I just feel like I want to watch a movie with my wife. At the end of the day it’s like anything, if you get addicted to it then it gets really serious.

  52. I feel I don’t have anything to choose from on Netflix except negative, depressing, murderous filth. Where are some happy movies… good grief… like “overboard” and “life as we know it”

  53. Let me get this straight… you’re saying that Netflix leaves your brain feeling empty, but watching sports doesn’t? I have the exact opposite opinion. Also, you admit that you watch sports to a sometimes unhealthy degree, but binge watching fictional TV shows is VERY BAD and should be stopped. Again, I have the exact opposite opinion.

    Furthermore, I disagree with your very premise. If someone provides me with lots of entertainment, and I binge on it, who’s fault is that? I say it’s my fault. I don’t hold the content developers responsible for my bad habit and lack of control.

    So I disagree with you completely. And that’s OK, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. That’s why some people prefer ESPN over Netflix, and some are the other way around. But your holier-than-thou attitude of “I quit Netflix because I’m good, and you should be like me” is obnoxious. And besides it’s not even a valid argument… what works for you won’t necessarily work for everyone.

    In my opinion, this blog produces more dreck than anything Netflix has ever done. This is my first time visiting. And my last.

    1. Sounds a bit like you exaggerated what he stated, and a bit like you did it to support your addiction or as an act of denial of facts. Like that looking at crap all day doesn’t put the image of crap into your head…. oh..no of course it doesn’t. Right.

      I too like to watch Netflix. But it seems to be warping your sense of analytical thought.

  54. Netflix specialise in edgy and controversial content, not to mention their in-your-face preference for adults is proof they’ve betrayed families and epitomised the dark mattery downfall of humanity, or at least Western society. What’ll hurt them the most is if we kill the demand. Until then, a good honest slogan would be “Your #1 source for after-dark delights,” or, in the words of the CEO, “Nobody has to watch it.”

  55. I thought I was the only one who felt this way about Netflix. I just started a 30-day trial while we are sheltering-in-place, even though i had it last year and cancelled. I thought maybe it had improved? Maybe the autoplay previews had been fixed? Nope. SO MUCH RUBBISH to sift through, and so few new release films. Too much TV-MA, not enough family programming. Cancelled my trial. Thank you for helping validate my decision.

    1. Well Kate, I concur with you and reaffirm your remarks are only the tip of the iceberg of Nextflix pied piper games today. Their company no longer has credulity.

  56. I totally agree with your ideas. when we are free at that time we can use NetFlix. But most of the time if we are watching NetFlix, it could be dangerous for us. we avoid watching NetFlix continuously and spend time with family and other activities.

  57. i,m getting ready to quite because they don,t have anthing worth watching there content is trash

  58. I would recommend Netflix K-Dramas. They are more on conservative contents. No bed scenes no dark humors. Bets example is Crash Landing On You.

        1. as a Kpop addict my self not with Kdrama though..but I highly suggest to stay away from it…I watched little Kdrama and they have annoying kissing scene and some other bad thing..not so much better

  59. Just cancelled Amazon Prime video… I found myself wasting so much time, better used doing something else. Now I am considering canceling Netflix. Its like the writer says.. I watch Netflix because it is there. . almost every night I plop down in the chair and put on Netflix.. I am taking longer and longer to find a decent show to watch. So much of the time I stop watching a movie on the 1st episode half way becuae it is soo boring or poorly produced… There are a few good shows on but I can rent thoses,,dont need to stream..
    I think I will cancel

  60. I have not been with Netflix for long, I cancelled because of the arrogance In The way they serve up their content. I like watching the end crawl, it’s part of watching a movie for me. But no not on Netflix they rudely present new recommended content and Abruptly stop my movie enjoyment. The other reason for cancelling is I just bought an LG Oled tv and I don’t know why but now when you are scrolling through the films they start playing clips, as I have a Yamaha aventage surround amp it is incredibly loud and again very annoying to have this happen. So bye bye Netflix.

  61. Ohhh. Netflix is getting on my nerves as well as Hulu. Three shows I have watched, all really entertaining, just got through the one season of Each, and they go and completely cancel each show. Each show leaving on a damn cliffhanger. ????????????

  62. I know this is an older article, but I just ran across it as I was curious about other experiences. I might be the oldest reader here at 62 — BUT streaming and political talk shows were ruining my retirement. I was lethargic and becoming depressed. I agree with so many here that much of what is on is either sooo dark and agitating. So I went cold turkey. I thought I would want to make an exception for PBS streaming while working out at home, but even that is boring me. I will be getting out more anyway as the weather improves.
    Another commitment I made to myself was to use the internet and YouTube only for learning a new skill. This has led to a surprising enjoyment of watercolor painting. I now take real face-to-face classes. Life really goes by faster than you realize.

  63. I too quit them after 15 years and I don’t miss them at all. In fact I began to hate them, constantly changing content and then closing down many DVD shipping centers. I like DVD’s and then they reduced the number you have … buh bye!

    1. Like you, I have subscribed to Netflix for years but I AM DONE! In 2 series I’ve been watching Netflix has changed a main character without any attempt to find someone with the charisma and energy of the original. The replacements are duds! How dumb does Nexflix think we are? I’m looking for an alternative to Netflix as cable is a waste of time. Would love suggestions!!

  64. Not only is the binge factor a problem, but they had to start getting into politics. I don’t understand the benefit for them. Corporations should stay out of politics. I just cancelled both Netflix accounts because they said they would not film in Georgia because of the states new restrictions on late term abortion. I wonder how many thousands of customers they lost that day.

  65. I cancel netflix it was getting to dark for my heart mind and soul and too much sex and violence.people need to just stand up and ban / protest netflix . it Trash for America.
    If you want to watch something pure. just make sure it is pure.
    Do you see a increase of OBESITY IN AMERICA and more mental issues.just look at what trash they are watching.
    the old saying is you are what you eat. it also apply to what you watch as well. everything we watch goes to our minds, hearts and souls.
    I like the good ole days when you just said Hi and not living your life on social media. times have changed for the worst and people are becoming really stupid and lazy in today’s world.

    1. 100% agree. TV is absolute Junk. What a waist of time!! It’s so disturbing whar shows rave about these days. The only reason I’m even aware of how bad it is is because I have a significant other who watches them. I cringe, it disgusts me to be honest. An open concept is nice but when I’m in the kitchen and the TV’s in jn the livingroom, I can’t help but to be a little discouraged with the world I’m bringing up my son in. He’s 6 months old now. …

      1. I think you should be more discouraged at the prospect you will have to help him with his grammar and spelling as he gets older.

  66. i´m from brasil, and started using their services before they realy came to here. the shows where great at that time, the old tv ones and the ones they made, like marco polo, but right now the quality dropped, they are pushing an gay and political agenda, and i just cant find the good shows anymore. thank god for the kindle and calibre! i´m going to cancel it this month.

  67. Prior to Netflix changeing from $4 monthly fee to $12 subscription. I began to have problems with watching movies. I spent a whole day with Netflix tech support who said the problem was with my TV. After an hour of updates and configuring my TV. I still had problems with Netflix tech support. Now it was my internet that was the culprit. Another hour with centurylink tech support I noticed a trend. The next time I spoke with Netflix support I asked for a 3rd level technician. Which both the Internet and TV support suggested I ask. Netflix stated it’s on your end and politely said they could not find anything wrong with there speed and signal strength. I’ve been a technician for 20 years in the USAF Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory. After retirement I’ve been involve with 20 years in the same field as a civilian. I canceled Netflix and got Fire Stick where I noticed Netflix was offering a app for $12 something a month. I now realize what they were after that Saturday I spent trouble shooting their poor signal and speed. I will never use Netflix again for the simple fact that I waisted a day chasing down the suggested problems that didn’t exist, instead of being with my 5 daughters and 12 grandkids enjoying the park. Shame on you Netflix! Should have told me you were raising your prices and about to promote your new platform.

  68. I’m tired of movies and shows that push sociopolitical agendas. I’m tired of them pushing the boundaries of shock, violence, and sex. I don’t get pleasure out of horrific movies or shows. It’s all been overdone now.

    I just want to see an interesting movie that makes me feel happy and hopeful.

    1. I’m canceling now because of rocco’s modern life… And yes everything is dark and evil and full of sex On Netflix.

      I’m 56 I love the nickel cartoons tunes back in the nineties. The new rocco’s modern life is about transgender Character that went from male to female. Their brainwashing kids to except sin.

      Let me sum up all entertainment, Sex jokes, insults, murder, car crashes and explosions.

      There used to be a time TV shows and movies could make you laugh cry and smile without none of these disgusting factors involved. They gradually dumb does down to Except this garbage as entertainment.

      I think God I grew up when I did we spent every minute outside didn’t matter if it was cold or hot we ran and played road bikes and actually talk to each other.

    2. Netflix is really rubbish the have lots of series instead of proper latest movies, I cant stand it honestly..I prefer renting a movie and spend my most time doing something productive is really time consuming .

  69. I dumped Netflix after a an Australian friend of mine introduced me to Putlocker dot fyi.

    It does have pop-ups, but if you simply close them fast, you have a full buffet of movies to test out for FREE.

    The sad irony, is that now Putlocker is blocked in Australia. But it’s still watchable in the USA.

  70. You know, the thought of canceling Netflix had been lurking in the back of my mind for a few months, and lo and behold, a google search later, your blog post came up! I cut the cord about a week ago, and I couldn’t be happier!

    I was the account holder who was paying for a family plan, mostly so my mom can binge on her shows (seriously, she is the binge queen! She watches so much TV). But because it was only a few dollars more, I got the top package to add my sister and then my best friend. At first I enjoyed binging on House of Cards, but I couldn’t take more than 2-3 episodes – it really screwed with my mind, made me angry, tired & depressed!

    After a while, I got busy and lost interest, so I barely watched while everyone else was still talking about all the amazing shows. It started to feel like the biggest waste of money – I have better things to do with my time!

    But your point # 2 in the blog sealed the deal for me. No way would I spend upwards of 13-15 hours of my life for just “meh”!

    Thanks again for your post & insight! 🙂

  71. I know this article is 2 years old but I HAVE to comment. I am 100% addicted to Netflix and have been for the last year or so. I notice it’s affecting my writing and creative process. My attention span is becoming shorter and I’m at a loss for words during face-to-face conversations. I’m becoming dumber and slower every few weeks. I printed out a time management schedule last week to record how much and how often I watched Netflix and it was a minimum of 4-6 hours a day at 36-45 hours a week. I’m a full-time student and I switch off between Netflix and homework. I watch Netflix while I get ready for school in the morning, in between classes, and before I go to bed.
    I know I have a SERIOUS problem. I read that Netflix asks writers to purposely create cliffhangers at the end of each episode to persuade viewers to binge watch.
    When I tell friends or classmates they always laugh it off and say things like, “Me too! What are you watching now? Have you watched THIS yet?”
    It’s a family account so I can’t cancel it. But, I’m trying to reduce my daily hours by logging in everything I do and how much time I’m wasting.
    I don’t 100% agree that ALL shows on Netflix are filth, there are some amazingly written shows with universal issues. But I do believe Netflix is starting to pump out more and more garbage to get us ALL ADDICTED.
    This is a great idea and I think you should also include the exact research done on people who watch too much TV and what can be done to curb our addictions. It’s only been 2 days of decreasing and I notice I’m starting to feel depressed. That’s how bad my addiction is!

    1. Wow. Thank you for sharing your story.

      For sure, not everything on Netflix is pure filth. There are some great movies, shows and documentaries to be found. Just the majority is pure filth. ????

      I think you’re using the fact that it’s a family account as a crutch. Transfer it to another family member and cancel your account. Try it for 30 days, and see how you feel.

      Think of what you could do with an extra 40 hours a week!

  72. We’re late cord cutters, new to the streaming thing being in our fifties (we’re from the eighties generation of excess after all) , but we had Hulu and Netflix, and we have Amazon, however, we found ourselves listening to music more off Amazon, than watching shows off Netflix and Hulu so we cancelled them. We actually prefer PBS, Victoria or Jamestown is really good. We decided to donate yearly to PBS so we have their passport to watch various shows such as Victoria. Amazon carries alot of series that revolves around Agatha Christie one of my favorite authors. Otherwise, we watch live TV through our antenna. Fridays are our CSI nights. Therefore, we always have plenty of TV to watch without Netflix and Hulu. Or we just enjoy each other’s company while listening to music, and way better entertainment if you ask us. We were getting tired of the “dark side” of TV as you mentioned in your post as well, and we didn’t care for some of the shows yet we paid for them but couldn’t remove them as part of the package. My spouse and I grew up in the time of as you mentioned one had to know when a TV show would be on in order to watch your shows on a specific night and time. We watched that show then we were able to listen to the radio or spend time with family. We definitely don’t care for reality TV, or so called reality TV shows which when our daughter watches those her attitude is terrible! She is from your generation, and oh how we wished she would see things differently as you have within your post regarding Netflix. She does rather watch YouTube more than Netflix, but doesn’t pay for TV through YouTube just watches funny or how-to videos. Regardless, it’s Amazon and PBS for us for the time being along with our antenna.

  73. For me it was really about reconnecting with the classic arts, like reading, cooking, writing, and even going over intricate math problems that I had once solved. Connecting with my Pet, and my Family (more often). Working with wood. There’s something that just feels right about doing very simple but important things. The most intelligent Men and Women that have ever lived were into classic things, invented the best things, and may never have made those accomplishments in today’s media centric world where real life skill, or life relaxation can’t take place because of watching so much TV/Netflix. The list goes on, but yes, I also cancelled a Netflix, Hulu, and Prime account. I watch a DVD or Blue Ray now and then, old school.

    Cooking a great meal, taking a walk or a jog, and later relaxing with a good book is the best thing one can do to relax in my opinion. It’s been 2 months and I feel great!

  74. I have read their privacy statement. Netflix is an invasive, self-perpetuating global entity that makes sure you understand YOU have no privacy. Their contempt for us, the consumer is so in your face it took my breath away. They explicitly inform us that we are an open book and as Netflix subscribers have NO rights. I just wanted to watch a few movies. They give, sell, share anything about us they choose to. I feel completely betrayed. I am so naïve.

  75. thanks for your article. we used to have netflix but cancelled when they changed the pricing structure. our son keeps asking to have it back and i’ve been hesitant. this article has firmed my resolve to not re-subscribe. that said, any thoughts on primevideo?

  76. I have never used Netflix. What’s kind of funny is I’ll mention the title of a book I’m reading and invariably receive a reply from someone that yeah, they saw the movie. No comment.

  77. If Netflix stop removing all the good movies & TV shows people wouldn’t leave them,their like to you on the phone and put anything on to watch get more movies and maybe people will come back.

  78. Wow! Thank you! Good to know that there are people out there who have not been lured into the Netflix trap. Am fed up with all the hype and about it being rammed down my throat everywhere I go. Just think it’s a colossal waste of time and money, and it’s all about sensationalism and pushing the envelope for the sake of ‘entertainment’. And I really resent the assumption in this age of so-called tolerance that we all have Netflix or are interested in the miserable, cynical, lowest-common-denominator garbage it churns out.

    1. It’s pretty funny how angry some people get when you speak out against something they love, eh? Everything is open to personal opinion and preferences. I personally feel the world would be better off without Netflix. ???? (and 90% of TV in general)

  79. I totally agree. I’m also sick of how everything these days is “dark” and depressing, not only on Netflix but also video games! Depressing, violent, on edge, bloody… the more the better. I hear some people talk about these shows they want me to check out on Netflix and honestly none of it sounds appealing. I’ve sat in with some shows playing and I don’t know how the general population stays entertained by this stuff. That’s not to say what I’ve experienced is what you are describing, but it’s making me think of it.
    But anyway, I’ve restarted my subscription because I wanted to watch a film they had on there. Except it’s gone now. I figured I’d watch that and maybe check another couple things out. I think I spend more time scrolling through all the colorful yet dark shows only to find nothing interesting anyway. I canceled it, I don’t miss turning to Netflix when I have nothing to do.

    1. I used to play a lot of video games growing up. Now I barely touch them.

      For me, the message is simple. The negatives of services like Netflix far outweigh the benefits. It’s an uncomfortable thought that most people don’t want to admit.

  80. There is an agrument to remove yourself from too much content – TV and Internet and connect with people.

    However, saying the shows are filth is lacking perspective. At the least defining “filth” needs to be explored so the reader isn’t generalizing the views of the writer.

    One persons “filth” is another persons experience and perspective. Life isn’t Leave it to Beaver. Shows like “Please Like Me”, “Dear White People”, “Orange Is the New Black”, “Black Mirror” leave you with a new perspective, can instill a sense of uncomfort that gives the viewer a new world view that maybe the viewer does not have access too. There is value in stories and I’d argue there are more opportunities to connect with those around you through shows on Netflix than the repeat storylines that exist elsewhere. I’d recommend you watch Nanette to see this argument fully realized. The conversations and dialogues that exist from those who have experienced this show and others similar to it transcends pop culture and drives relevant impactful conversations and Yes it has “Mature” content.

    Calling all of that filth is denying that experience and story exists and that nothing can’t be learned by it. Netflix is for adults – those “Mature” ratings do over rate sexual content and underate violence content. If you want kids content there is a filter for that, parents and kid adults can use it.

  81. Look, if you’re either unable to process your emotions from watching shows with distressing themes or stop yourself from watching those shows, and find yourself unable to carry on any conversation that’s not related to whatever TV programme you’ve been consuming, then that’s your problem. I’m glad you at least had enough sense to cancel the subscription knowing that you couldn’t regulate your own viewing experience or social life, but that’s no reason to paint it with a broad brush and tell EVERYONE ELSE to do it too.

    I’m a big believer in therapy, and it seems like you’d really benefit from it to help you gain more control of your life and your emotional responses. I hope you’ve been able to get better in the couple of years since this article was written.

    1. Wow, do you work for Netflix? ????

      Funny how you could read one 800-word article and conclude that I need therapy. There is a growing mountain of evidence showing the clear ramifications and negative effects of Netflix and too much TV in general. How many studies show the benefits of Netflix?

      Everything here is merely my opinion. I do believe society in general would be better off without Netflix and the crazy amount of TV available to us. And I think I made a pretty good argument for it.

      Thanks for reading.

      1. I appreciate this article. I do watch netflix and it consumes my time. I lose sleep because of it. My kids lose time into it when they could be learning other things like music. People now days are losing self awareness and losing creativity. It is an unhealthy addiction and like an addiction nobody wants to admit its a problem. Ironic? I think so! I sound like an addict sitting here saying i wanna quit one day but cant. And its true because I dont have will power. I even quit smoking cigarettes but Netflix is oddly the hardest to quit. I need to make it a priority like cleaning and exercising and paying a bill.

    2. wow ….just because someone doesnt think Netflix is a good way to spend your time , doesnt mean he needs therapy.. lol

  82. I appreciated your article. My wife and I have been considering cancelling our subscription. The last thing that happened was watching Anne with an E, only to find that more and more it brings feministic points of view (some that I agree with) that would, in most circumstances, never happened in that era of history. It also started adding a gay agenda with two different story lines.. an old woman and an old boy. That also would be very unlike the time period in which Anne of Green Gables took place. Since I don’t read books for enjoyment at home, I would have to guess in saying that you wouldn’t find feminism and a LGBT topics in the book. What’s next? Change up Little House on the Prairie? Let’s remove all the racism from it, nevermind that this was the sort of thing that happened in that time period (doesn’t make it right, but not condoning it) and then let’s change Laura’s story and slowly suggest she likes girls too. There is no end to what Hollywood will stop at to push the limits of what is acceptable.

    1. This was a rainy weekend. I sat down with Netflix and decided to gorge. I picked out 6 different shows. I also quit all 6 shows. I did not watch them all the way through. The political correctness onslaught is unbearable. Why does everything have to be twisted into some kind of politically correct statement or social commentary? If Netflix really wants to get edgy why don’t they create shows about real situations? Why not do a show about the radicals( looking into their characters and how their warped mindset was developed) who blew up the Twin Towers? Show how abject devotion to Is lam will lead to unspeakable evil which starts from birth? But no. I guess that’s out of bounds. I’ve had enough. No more. Thank you.

  83. I go on and off with netflix. I “binge-watched” the first Season of Peaky Binders only to discover at the start of Season 2 (SPOILER ALERT) that they killed off one main character to influenza with no logical reason except the actor had moved on, and, of course, brought back another character FROM THE DEAD (he was just wounded folks!) to maintain some kind of melodramatic tension while scrapping the underlying themes, locales, and plot points of the first season now that we were “Three Years Later”. How many meaningless hours had I wasted on the first season?

    So I cancelled again. We’ll see.

  84. Netflix is getting too political.See enough of that on TV.They have to bring onesided politics into everything in the USA.

  85. I just quit Netflix. I quit because they fooled you into believing that a movie or series was drama then it showed up as action an movie then the same movie kept repeating themselves as different types of shows. Also, I don’t like the filth that Netflix exposes to the public. Then there were the political points of views. I was paying to see old movies, some were very poor quality. When they canceled one shows that my wife and I loved and said that was it. I said no more, I am not paying for this crap anymore.
    I believe streaming is the way of the future but there are many other ways to watch TV. Since I have Amazon I get extra benefits such as streaming, free shipping on my products and free books for almost the same price. I cut the cable cord 3 years ago and saved $1272. Netflix was only $10.99 but all I was getting was crappy TV.

    1. Yah it definitely makes more financial sense if you’ve already got an Amazon Prime account. Personally, I’ve detached from all TV and streaming services. I wrote about Netflix because they are the most prominent and popular service, and the innovator of this new style of TV that is rotting our brains.

      Thanks for reading!

  86. Lucky me I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t get the appeal of Netflix.
    I’ve got so many things to do I feel like I’m commiting a sin just thinking of wasting the whole weekend watching tv series or movies, which in most of the cases, are just dull and depressing like you said.

    My family owns a netflix account and I remember I once sat down and started browsing through the catalog and was so overwhelmed at the incredibly huge amount of tv series and movies offered. I couldn’t help thinking things like “who on earth watches all this crap?” “do people actually have time to watch all of this?” You’d need like another 20 lives to watch all these contents”, etc. I actually got kind of depressed and bored scrolling down that never-ending list of movies so I turned it off and left.

    I think the problem is most people don’t have anything significant or important to devote their time to. Students go to school and do their homework and then what? Netflix! Adults go to work and then arrive tired at home and there’s Netflix, the perfect chill-out. I find it sad though, I think life’s too short to just waste it away. I find it so disgusting and ridiculous when I hear people saying: “Oh, no, I just finished watching the last episode of XXX, what am I going to do with my life now?” Like, really? Since when did watching tv become the purpose and meaning of humans’ lives? I can’t help feeling worried about our future as a species.

  87. Thank you very much for this article. I agree totally. I liked the concept of “binge” ( I speak spanish as a native tongue) and I didn’t knew the word bing. I quit Netflix a month ago and I really feel more free, simply because my mind has more time to think, to be still, to meditate about other important things. I deactivate the accounts of Facebook, Instagram almost for similar reasons related with all the smalk talk, gossips and fake news posted in social media.
    Now I am thinking more in to get another good habits that make feel that my life is worthy ( at least for me).

    Thanks again.

  88. I made a decision to drop Netflix because of shows like “Dear White People” and “End of the F***ing World.” Seriously, I’m just sick of the morons who make stuff like this to pump into our homes. I try to flush sewage OUT of the house and I don’t need something like Netflix telling me I need it back in.

    So, what have I done instead? I set up a Plex system in the house (a free bit of software that allows you to stream your media library) and I find it far more entertaining. I have the shows I want, I pick up some titles from the library from time to time (for free) and upload them to watch later, and I am not giving these monsters my money.

      1. Quite Netflix yesterday after many years. I see I am not alone in my thoughts about this “content service” that has become ubiquitous throughout our culture.
        I have a small media library mostly made up of the old platform called Blu ray…it still works for me. I have an aging ’06 XBR that still works like new, and the companion Sony DVD player, and that’s it.
        I do have access to Amazons growing content through my Prime service, but have not used it yet. Maybe I’ll sample their service now.
        But I do agree with some of these comments, that content today, has a decidedly one sided political view point….read boring……that really defeats the whole purpose of entertaining…..leave politics out of entertainment!
        Plus the ever darkening nature of content, is not healthy. In addition, comedy has been corrupted to the point it’s no longer funny.
        One additional content access point is from my Mac HD….a lot of free stuff.

  89. This blog post addresses the bad habits that Netflix “binge-watching” can bring into people lives. This blogger clearly admits that he fell victim to Netflix’s many entertaining TV shows and movies. However, he explains why he quit watching Netflix for good. Blogger from Rapid Web Launch Blog, Patrick Antinozzi, explains three reasons why it is worth it to cut Netflix out of your life completely. He even puts his post under the category, “Self-Improvement,” as if quitting Netflix will make your life substantially better.
    His first reason for cutting out Netflix is, “Netflix directly opposes everything I want to accomplish,” and he even provides a little animation below this statement in order to help readers visualize the harm that Netflix can cause. Antinozzi points out that binge-watching became popular right after Netflix did. Then, he goes on to define “binge” stating that it is “To indulge in an activity, especially eating, to excess.” Using this logic in his argument made for a strong first reasoning. His next reason is “Netflix is full of depressing filth.” First of all, this word choice makes it seem like Netflix is being watched inside a dumpster. However, that is what makes his argument strong. He purposely chose to use words like “depressing” and “filth” because he wanted to get a reaction out of his readers in order to persuade them to stop watching shows on Netflix. He then goes on to point out that almost everything has at least a Mature rating and how PG and PG13 shows have “edgy” material. Although, I do find it interesting that he doesn’t mention anything about the young kids shows. He probably does not include this in his argument because shows like Mickey Mouse or Barbie likely would not fall under the category of depressing filth. But, if he did include this as a counterargument and then provided a rebuttal, his argument would be much stronger.
    Finally, his last reason is, “Removing Netflix from your life improves your conversations.” This is a good ending to his argument because if you’re reading this and only read the first two sections you probably won’t be as likely to take his argument seriously. Ending with a more serious reason was a good choice by this author because now readers are probably considering his argument. He even provides a serious quote from Eleanor Roosevelt which is much different from the animation that he provided in the first section. Overall, Antinozzi has a pretty solid argument, however not everyone would take his reasoning seriously because of how informal his blog post is. I have to mention however, that I did enjoy reading it and as an avid Netflix binge-watcher, was thoroughly surprised at the validity of this argument.

  90. I reached the same opinion. I tried streaming (while keeping my DVD queue), and find out there are so few movies on it , and I am not really into TV shows. In contrast, their DVD service has far FAR more movies both domestic and foreign. So, after watching some pretty crappy movies (since I’d seen all the good ones), we cancelled streaming, and bumped the DVDs back up. It works better to curate our list in the DVD queue. That way, everything we get is well thought out and almost always excellent.

  91. Thanks for your opinion, I am ready to quit Netflix as well, nothing good for the soul… can live without it, “and think about all the time I will free up to do more meaningful things with my family.”

  92. I will continue to have Netflix. I enjoy the service and I cancelled my satellite tv service and I subscribe to hulu too. I will do what I want to do. I think its silly that you are telling other people what to do. Im not listening to you. I exercise and do other things to.

    1. Deanna, where did the writer once TELL you to do anything? It’s 100% your choice to consume shows which glorify sexual abuse, violence and overall filth.

  93. I am considering quitting Netflix. I am watching all the prison reality shows and it is just a bingefest of unhealthy proportions.

    Now I seem to be happily bingeing Duolingo. So, there’s that.

    1. Hey, there you go! Felicitaciones!

      Honestly, with each passing month I appreciate even more how I have no need for Netflix in my life. There are zero benefits to it, and there’s way more engaging forms of entertainment available to me.

  94. This article was really a waste of time.
    If you’re not able to control yourself when it comes to a simple tv show, you’re incredibly weak and – sorry, no offense – a cry-baby.

      1. repetitive messaging coupled with reward and punishment ie binge watching is the exact definition of brainwashing. So apparently Mrs M you are impervious. Stimulation as a reward reinforces addiction. Watch what happens when you take the stimulation away. I dare you to go without it for 21 days

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